Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Early Week is done

The first week we do only the evening work in the Quality lab doing the testing on what's called research beets.

That's a four hour deal+- ... though in the first days it's only really about two hours actual because there's just not enough work... buuuuut... they pay us for the full four, just for being here, so that's kind of a good incentive to work hard and accurate. ;)

It's a heck of a couple hours though... Hustling and pushing to get tuned up for what's coming in the next week gets the blood pumpin'. 

We're off for the weekend and the official "Campaign" will begin Tuesday Morning on the Piling Grounds.

After paying the few hundred it costs in diesel to roll up here, with the same to get back south... and at anywhere from 200 to 260 bucks a day for us on our split job deal and depending what day it is in relation to over time... a fella just about doesn't want to have it end too quickly. :-P

The beans for doin' winter work pile up pretty quick at that rate.

We got done last year in about 3 weeks on the clock. With what's prognosicated as the expected crop, I'm hoping it takes us four weeks this year... or five would be sweet! I'd run out of ambition about the time they ran out of work!

It's been warm this week. Last night standing at my scale in the Quality Lab it was 90 down on the floor and the gals running the Washer scale and dump up top had it 100 degrees up there closer to the ceiling... ha ha ha... you'd have thought they were being drawn and quartered the grousin' that was coming from there...

Claim was made it was 'cause we had so many fans running down on the floor... "It's pushing the hot air up there!" ... "You don't understand the physics of convection do ya?" I replied... yup... smart azz to the end.

A comment was made that maybe I was a mite crazy the way I was gigglin' and carryin' on. I told 'em; "Ha! Hot? This ain't Hot! Why, I seen it so hot when I was Cowboyin' we couldn't push cows during the day... It smelt like burnt hamburger and the fat just melted off 'em and left big puddles all along the trail... we moved 'em after sunset. Even then the sunlight bouncin' off the moon was so sizzlin' we fried our eggs in skillets we held against the saddle horn long before sun up as we pushed the cows through the moon beams!"

Yes sir... THAT was hot! :)

What ya do is COWBOY UP! and get on down the trail.

Today it's broke off cool and breezy. Perfect weather for pilin' beets! ... 'course... it's predicted to rain tomorrow anywhere from .2 to 2"... I'm hopin' for the two tenths which won't amount to nothin' and leave the way clear to get to work come sunrise Tuesday!

Gettin' Ready to Really Jump Some Gullies

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