Sunday, November 19, 2017

Working at Getting My Head Right... and Making Progress!

Yeah I've been bad. I know. Buuuut I was real superstitious and not wanting to jinx my deal so I been keepin' my mouth shut! I'm hoping, since it's not ALL locked up I'm not doing that now! 😆

Any way... if you go to  my bike blog you can catch up with where I'm at along the trail of my "rebuild" without me having to write it in twice...

I'm still working on just what I'm going to do with blogs and sites going forward... and getting back into some sort of a working routine to do that...

Whatever, here, there or where ever... there should start to be some action 'round here again!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

"Life is what happens" ...

I'm sure you've all seen some version of this meme... yeah well... me too! "Life is what happens while you're busy making plans!"

I believe I've got my brain untangled from the last dizzying gyration... if not my carcass. That chore is going to use up some time.

I'll be hauling out of Missouri for a bit of a circle Starting in the first week of September. I've a few things to take care of in Colorado on a swing that will then take me up to the eastern border of Montana for what's become my annual harvest job.

Then I'll be coming back to Missouri for the early part of the winter at least. There's much planned. Much simplification, much work... and much adventure. I can't say that I think that way... consciously searching out adventure. It's just the reality of how it works out.

Thing is, generally speaking, I've never the dinero pocketed to step off knowing what's gonna happen. So, a lack of cash and an impatient nature usually has me starting a "journey" 'thout knowing for sure and for certain how I'm gonna make it fly... I just always seem to get where I'm going. Even if that's not where I started out to get to!

But... when I look out the window, for sure and for certain, I am where ever it was that I got To!😆

I just work out the "Details" along the way! Since some define adventure as being some sort of a journey where you haven't any real notion of what's going to happen or how it will all shake out... I guess that makes my impatient, asset challenged kiester an Adventurer!

Anyway, at a minimum the late fall, early winter is set to be spent organizing and outfitting for the next chapter of this busted rover's journey. I think you might could find it interesting. Stay tuned!


Monday, July 24, 2017

A Few weeks ago I Commented to Another Nomadic Wanderer...

He had written about his choices and options, self doubts and all such things that rattle around in a drifter's mind during the long lonesome times...

My comment to him was;

Some are meant to wander and question. This world demands anchors and so those of us who truly prosper in the wind are made less of.

When we listen to the demands too long we begin to believe them... yet that kernel of Truth within survives.

An Eagle only seeks a roost at night... or a short while to raise the year's brood... and then it soars and revels in its Freedom.

The whale migrates through the year, always moving. Geese follow the seasons.

Yet people, most, dig in and ... well ... that static life fits them, but not All.

Sure, a spot to rest, to repair, to meditate, until the hunger comes on again, is a good thing at times...

But... the hunger, the need for Far Views, the chest swelled big with pure air not yet breathed by a thousand others...

To ponder life... the deepest sorrows, the grandest joys... the frustration of knowing your species is inexplicably un-educable... sipping a fine beer under the stars of a camp deep in Far Country... 

The True and healing Joy of a Wanderer...

Those were my words to him... and to my self.

One of my greatest failings is the old "Do as I say. Not as I do" sort of deal. I need, more often to go back and read the words I myself have written from past lessons pounded through a thick skull.

The other day one of those epiphanies stuck like a clap of thunder... it showed my the way I should go... Just where the trail lay and how to step it out. The trouble is... TIME... the Time when I can strike out along that trail is some 90 days and more into the future.

My second greatest failing is self doubt and second guessing. If I can make a choice and step off right then I'm golden... but ... If a period of time is enforced between when I make a choice and when I can actually act on that decision... Ohhhhh Lordy... why that's way too much time for an over active imagination to conjure up all sorts of goblins and dark conspiracies that blow my grand Idea into dust.

That leaves me working between now and say about the first of November to NOT let that trouble making piece of meat 'tween my ears muck up what is a pretty good fix for the fix I wandered into!

I'm not going to whine and blame my predicament on somebody else... I made the choices I made... and if I made them based on words of others my acceptance of their false word is not their fault. I believed their story... ME. The Con man may be telling a whopper... but it only works because the one that gets conned ignores the warnings... lead on by his wishing.

I've written in the past about following your heart... I believe now that I may have missed that one a little; Don't follow your heart. Your heart lives in a fantasy land... go where your soul leads you, as it whispers to your brain... Your soul knows what you need. Your heart is stupid as shit."

So... My heart paints me a pretty picture... but just now I'm working at achieving what my brain, guided by the whispers of my soul tells me is achievable in the wishing of my heart...

Achievable - If - I am willing to reach out with enough courage and energy. If I have the cajones to make the hard choices.

What's best is not easy... what's easy is not best... and what I want is Prime.

I've got maybe most of six weeks left here before I've got to roll through Colorado for to let the VA poke and prod a bit and make a showing at the wedding of a friend... then I turn north for Montana, FINALLY! Sweet work the harvest...

Once that job is done for this year... the fun and New Adventure begins...

Like Mark said... Adventure is when you step off with no idea how it's gonna end up...

Well... just like back in 2010 when we stepped off with three weeks of dinero and something over four weeks till the next expected income... I'm looking at stepping off on the next chapter of this Journey without all the dinero to get it done...

... and most likely... making choices that most people will be saying... "What in THE hell is that brain damaged idjit thinking?!!!"

Yeah... It's gonna be a ride!

- Brian