Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just Piddling Along

Things along the front range just keep on keepin' on...

Finished up the new stitching horse a few days ago...

Only need to sand it up a bit and put a coat of some sort of varnish on it.

Going to put it to work pretty quick I think.

If I get my kiester in gear... There's a fundraising auction for the Drake Fire Department (the one in the hardest hit of the flood areas) in about three weeks...

I'm thinking of building a journal to donate for that. Might be a nice way to kick off restarting my leather.

Work on the bike is proceeding real slow... many 'second thoughts'...

Many times in the past I've sold off one thing I'd thought I didn't want or need... only to discover that I held it in greater esteem than I'd thought...

 Funny how you live with a machine for thousands of miles... but only really see the blemishes that developed when you focus in on cleaning her up...

Somewhere this past summer over along the west coast her wheels got chewed up... somehow.

Considering that motorcycle wheels are several hundred dollars a pop...

You don't just run out and replace 'em...

So... when I'd spotted this damage...

and from what source it came I've no idea...

I figured I was well and truly screwed...

It was a nice change to have things kinda go "right" with that though.

I discovered that with some fine "wet" sanding and some elbow grease...

The damage will clean up right well...

Turned out... it was ALL in a clear coat the wheels were finished with. Remove that and all's well...

and should be easier to maintain.

So then it was on to filling in the ditches of the lawn sprinkler irrigation system I've been remodeling in exchange for parking rights.

Now today... unless I decide to stay out of the dust and just go do laundry... again... It's back to the fiberglass repair of the cracked saddlebags.

The manufacturer of those has also decided that it has no interest in warrantying its product... which is truly what I expected they'd tell me.

And of course... there's the books... another plan gone awry. Funny how when you set your mind to a schedule... the sucker takes a leave of absence. ;)

Get a few of these outside tasks completed and maybe so I can find that errant wanderer and get IT back to work...

Still Kicking the Can Down the Road...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tilting Against Windmills... Or ... the Benefits of Chemical Enhancement

and the last in a series running against the wind...

Well... IDK where to begin or what to say... considering that I'm nigh onto three sheets in the wind and cornfuzzled to the max to boot! knowin me... with sufficient lubrication the disjointed tangents could get difficult to follow.

So... here goes... it's up to you to decide... is the crazy drunken cowboy spinning yarns of fiction? or telling a wild story of genuine International Intrigue? Bwahahahahaha... who cares? It doesn't much matter cuz nobody listens to a wild eyed bald headed mountain cowboy any way!

That's the nice thing about a fine Ale... it doesn't change what you think... only releases the inhibition to say it!

This could be my first post written in a chemically enhanced state... but most times, chemical enhancement moderates my more aggressive tendencies...  it can also often degrade my language to less than polite... so reader beware!

Yep, beware! Crudeness combined with the fact that the true story is so bizarre it eases the ability of the system to demonize anyone who exposes that truth. The truth being so wild it defies credibility... but what the hell... I'm half drunk so why not tell a good tale... even if it be the truth! Pull out all the stops and Tell it to the max!

Ha!... I said To the Max! Twice! ... I don't know if I've even ever said that once since my first hitch in the army... :)

I've often wrote 'bout never givin' up... never givin' in. That the only thing that counts is courage and honor. Trouble is... little honor exists in the highest "status levels" of humanity.

Bundy shmundy... this ain't 'bout him and never was... him and his are irrelevant to the big picture... His story is just the friggin game used to distract and manipulate... like a game of emotional chess.

You know as well as I, or you should... that those that strive and lust for power and control do it as the current managers of the family business. They see their elite breeding as blessing them with special rights superior to yours and mine. It travels through the generations. The "Ruling Elite" of today... when you trace the maggots back... you find they are, heavily, the descendants of the "Nobility" of a few hundred years ago...

Yep... the counts and lords, Princes, Dukes and Sovereigns... Lord Valdemort!... the name that shall not be mentioned! bwahahahahahaha... ooops... guess I mentioned it huh? 

... Kind of contradicts what you think of when you hear the word Noble don't it? The original "Double Speak?" useless vermin all.

Not real? Really? Then why does the U.S. Constitution specifically forbid the granting of titles of Nobility? ... think about it. Why do you see a constant assault on the Constitution? if it weren't an obstacle to them? hmmmmm?

But, that is the reality. When people say to me; "Who would bother to engage in things that won't pay off for fifty or a hundred years? They'll be dead then! It doesn't make sense!" I respond; "Those who see themselves in the light of "Old Money" ... "Nobility"... the "Family Heritage"...

When those conniving "nobles" got thrown out on their sorry asses those hundreds of years back... they immediately began working to regain their Family Line's power.

The increasingly educated masses could no longer be deceived with the pathetic; "Ordained by God" malarkey the parasites had been spouting... so they had to come up with a new plan.

And the new plan? We don't need dictatorial power. All we need is Control of the economics. Control the money... control the machinery of Government... control Information... and it's every bit as good as being the blood sucking, soul eating parasitic king or queen.

But secrecy is the kingpin of their operation.

Nowadays they can even hide their machinations in plain sight behind the cloak of National Security.

They don't even have to own the land either. Their names can remain shrouded in mystery... they only need CONTROL of it by having the government control it. Have the ability to manage the Sanctity of Law to impose their control.

They no longer need to collect rent directly from tenants and be a widely known prominent Target... not when they can filter their identification into anonymity while embezzling billions via the "good ol' boys" network of contracts paid out of Taxes!

Better even, because now if they do their jobs well and fine... Nobody can even see 'em doing it! So they can't get thrown out again!!!

It becomes comical when they engage in their clever little games though. Because it flies right on past most folks. It's fun to watch and see them Not. See. A. Thing. The ruling elite get bored counting their billions and need to stir the pot a mite. They delight in slipping out little gems to see if ANYONE is even awake to notice...

If anyone DOES notice... and points it out... "Look! Do you see that?"... it's easy... those poor dumb bastards foolish enough to point and holler at the beast in the bushes are painted with the; "right wing christian gun nut conspiracy theorist white supremacist" brush... It's hysterical.

Baaaa Baaaa Baaaaa ... and the "nobility", impressed with their own skills, laugh themselves to sleep...

Know this... they OWN the means of communication and dissemination of information. Information is THE power. If you control what people hear and know... you control THEM.

These people have more money than they could ever consume... so they have to find something to entertain their intellects... "Let's herd people" ... Your life, and what they do to it... is a friggin' game to these black hearted bastards.

So... let's see... one of those pearls they let 'slip'? ... The Wizard of OZ... "Pay no attention to the man behind the Curtain!"... Bwahahahahahahahahaha...They been playin' this game a long damn time people... hundreds of years...

And Walt Disney... the sheer number of hidden little "Gems" in those animated movies... is STUNNING! They play with your minds like children play with marbles.

Also... To understand what goes on... on the "World Stage"... you have to understand the mindset and goals of the Major Players...

"Why is this important to me?" you ask? "I don't have anything to do with international intrigue, I'm a plumber!" It's important Because it's your life I'm talking about! Your children's lives. Their children's children!

Because... everything they do is about herding the masses to serve THEM, however they see fit. splinter society into innumerable factions. Set this group against that one to prevent ANY group from ever building enough power to challenge their command.

You vote for your democrat against his republican? Bwahahahahahahaha... they get their marching orders from the same place! Bwahahahahahahahaha.

All the wars... throughout the history of Humanity... were ordered by one "Ruling Elite" in the effort to seize land, power and servants from the Other "Ruling Elite"... and the obedient masses were the patriotic cannon fodder...

...the masses... march  along... Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa to their doom like good little obedient sheep.

You know who does manage to slip behind the curtain and see the truth? The soldier... but for him it's too late.

I have herded hundreds of cattle... hundreds... by my lonesome... with nothing but the slight of hand that led those damn fool cows to believe that ~I~ held some great power over them. One horseback 160 lb. runt... conquering the minds of a hundred 1200 lb. beasts.

This is not one damn bit different... You are being herded by a slight of hand MIND game... wake the hell up... it's not just in the movies...

Or stay in a self medicated state of chemical enhancement... at least the pain of betrayal is less sharp then.

Just a right wing christian gun nut conspiracy theorist...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Politics... Religion... and Never Being Understood

I have spent the greater part of my life running against the wind... I say blue, people hear green. I say east, people hear south. I speak Mountains, people Believe I MEAN desert... I say most... people insist I said ALL.

Frustration says; Give it up. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Debating politics or religion (which IS only theology used as a political tool having nothing to do with belief) is the proverbial Fart against a windstorm; Because most are going to twist your words if they don't fit, into what Does fit their agenda. If you didn't say it they simply say you did.

It's like standing under a falling Redwood and thinking; "If I'm smart enough I can conjure up a way to deflect it."  ...nothing but pure, human arrogance about to receive a solid dose of reality.

There is in this life no stopping or deflecting the falling trees. History is replete with inumerable examples... IF... you are awake enough to learn from history. But, most think they're smarter than those before, so education rarely occurs.

Not only do they... believe they will be the ones to make the repeatedly failed foolishness work; they also believe their superior intellect gives them the moral authority to impose their already failed arrogance on all others by whatever force is required.

"Tyranny of the Majority occurs when the majority places its interests above the rights of an individual or minority group, constituting active oppression comparable to that of tyrants and despots."

Your "interests" do not outweigh the rights of the individual... though current political thought is contrary to that reality. This child will not be imposed on and he damn sure won't be tyrannized.

There is but one viable option for such as me; Stand back out of the way and out from under the collapsing weight of that tree. Put yourself where you can be one of the survivors that builds a new cabin from the rubble... and heats it from the splintered pieces after the tree hits the ground.

Human society in its overpopulated, over-regulated, over self-involved, chattel-of-the-state condition has grown too corrupt, too polarized, too manipulated and propagandized for salvation. There is no communication, no co-operation. There is only "the party" and "the cause".

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Those things are largely gone, replaced with dog and pony shows to keep the masses distracted and placated ~or~ They are kept scrambling by a system designed to do just that, keep them scrambling to subsist, so they've little time or energy left to question or resist.

Life is by permit. Liberty is assigned. The speech of "Freedom of speech" is proscribed. Pursuit of Happiness is licensed.

You are free to speak in this country? Really? Ask the ex CEO of Mozilla. Only Gays are free to speak... Anyone else can only express their beliefs if they don't need a job. Fire a gay for supporting his beliefs and see how far you get. Double speak and double standards are the Standard for the day.

There are consequences ONLY for those who speak un-approved ideas. What part of Censorship do you not understand?

Open your mouth outside of BLM assigned "First Amendment Areas"... and you get tased, assaulted by dogs and thrown on the ground... as recently proven in Nevada. Freedom has been reduced to a relic of history... except for those individuals and groups who are willing to endure the wrath of the majority for daring to disobey their edicts... in order to remain a free human being.

Saving the "system" as it is, has become akin to; finding a house so eaten up with termites that the only thing left standing is actually only the paint that coated its structure... and thinking you can repair it.

The core... the spine of the house is gone. Nothing salvageable remains to be saved. That such a house... or that tree hollowed by rot will fall is inevitable. It is only a matter of time.

I have known human ugliness so soul blackening it sucks the light out of the sun. Joy surrounds me yet the echoes of that ugliness override the light. Now, the people party on around the campfire ignoring the warnings... Cursing those who try to warn them...

... only the guard standing on the wall hears the creatures and sees their shadows moving around out in the dark... The partying folks, living the good life, are willfully ignorant of what lurks in the shadows. They just turn the volume on the boombox louder so they can't hear the warnings. They deliberately shout down anyone who utters a warning they don't want to hear.

Ok. Fine.


It is said that we leave home so that we can come back again and see it with a new perspective, a fresh appreciation...

... Some how, some where, some way... I'm going Home.

It has been said of those who stand and that those who resist the insidious growth of Tyranny; are but savages hungry for bloodshed. The worn old cliche' of "stop complaining and count your blessings" is used to beat them into submission.

We fully understand our Blessings. That. Is. The. Point. We understand their value with full appreciation of their cost. We stand to defend them with our lives.

The claims I enumerated just above insult the finest men I've ever known and denigrate my duty to them.

My duty is to THEM...

Those who can only defile the character of those with the courage to stand... and seek to publish only their faults... need to understand that they live in the grace provided by those whom they defile...