Monday, August 22, 2016

The Waters of Seeley Lake Don't Whisper to You Like Maybe The Blackfoot does...

But, the Clearwater River does feed it and it is still waters! Though... those waters aren't real still when there's speedboats pulling Water Skiers and rafts in amongst the Jet Skis zippin' around!

Ever' night seems like just at sunset it calms pretty good and the cooking fires sift their smokes through the trees...

Up out of the north end of the campground there's a short trail where I can take Arlo and turn him loose for a while so he can get some of the run out of his system.

Up there a ways I found a Beaver Lodge I sure don't remember bein' here before, though I'm sure it was. You always think of Beavers building their outfits on creeks and streams don't you?

These'uns decided they wanted a waterfront property on a nice lake with a view!

They came drifting home from a sunset swim through the Lily pads as Arlo and me wandered by. A lodge that big I'm sure there's more'n just this couple... but they've got a nice place. They turned out of the sea of lily pads across a small bit of open water and disappeared into their underwater front door.

*Seeley Lake on Fire*

About that time I accidentally got kind of a cool shot. Three girls were being whistled around on a raft by a good sized speed boat. The sunset light caught the wake the raft kicked up and made it look like they were rafting through Lava.

Yep... even the water in Montana can catch fire! Ha ha.

*Seeley Lake Sunset*

These pics were taken at the end of a pretty long day. Had to drive three hours to pick up a fresh new lil' generator I stumbled across to replace the Onan that died for certain and sure several days ago. For $150 plus the diesel to go get it I'll take that Lil' champion over the thousand dollar Hondas. It's not as quiet for sure... but it was still "new in the box" and since there's also no thousand bucks for the other I'll be happy to have this'un...

Without it, it would get REAL quiet around here!... and kinda dark! :)

Still have an electrical gremlin of some sort but I've got a fresh lil' Champion 1200 now to keep the batteries as powered as they'll stay...

As long as Montana keeps Charlie Russell's sunsets working... so will I.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So Far...Montana Keeps Me Going

I've had weak to no signal and multiple pokes and jabs to deal with so haven't been able to post.

The generator died. Holed something. Getting blowby through the crankcase, so that's kind of a hassle when ever'thing you need to do requires electricity.

Then the phone blew up... or locked up. Changed my password all on its own and ended up wiping out everything on the phone... so that was fun... apparently it's some sort of  "glitch" running through android smart phones__and a few Iphones... nice.

Had moved to a camp on Lost Trail pass in the SW corner of Montana. Beautiful spot. Couldn't get up on top where I wanted to go where there IS some signal... because this too long Lakota can't make one of the turns on the way coming up that logging trail... so I stayed below in the FS camp... and tried to work.

That can be hard to do through all the "things" going on...

There was a fire a few miles north had to keep an eye on... it closed the road up there a time or two. Then__Just to keep things interesting...


*Mountain Jewels*

A second fire blew up just four miles in the opposite direction... threatening the only road out! Started feeling pretty snake bit. But watching the slicks and the fixed wing work that fire was pretty interesting.... and then a fire crew went in... but those pics were on my phone... and lost,

*fire on Lost Trail Pass*

Saw this off a hundred yards or so walking up to the top of the road one morning... kinda glad it was off so far. The camera can zoom to let me see ;) It was 'bout the size of a basketball...

Got a little work done with all the distractions__but not near good enough. Moved up to Seeley lake yesterday. Hope to get some work done here... though I still have to figure out how to get power. Only source I've got right now is the truck.

That's purty obnoxious to have to run a 9000 pound noisy diesel generator for the hours it takes to recharge batteries... sheesh.

I try to balance the irritating, draining and seemingly unending "issues" with plain old Beautiful Montana... so far it keeps me going... but I'll tell you what... one poke and jab after another, coming so quick you ain't got time to overcome the first before the next strikes is getting kinda old...

Did get word that the fools at the bank, after nearly 120 days of askin' for it...FINALLY sent the Title to South Dakota so I can get legal again... Should have a plate on the trailer in a few days... as soon as the mail man delivers the mail... so that's a good thing.

... anyhoo__ it's off to one foot in front of the other I go...

- Brian

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In The North is Montana...

 ... and in Montana (and Wyoming ha ha) are the rivers...

One of the difficulties I've got with working as a "writer" is... having to sit inside for so long to do the writing. I'd much rather be out with the wind in my face, the scent of the pines... or the ocean... or the rivers.

Last night a Montana Thunder Boomer was slowly building out of the southwest just before sunset. I looked out the window and something tickled me to step outside just as the clouds lit up. I Captured a couple photos as the clouds moved in... looking across the Yellowstone.

The first was a capture off my phone. Not to bad. Then I ran back in and grabbed my camera. Lightning was flashing off to the left a ways. It was almost as if the clouds themselves were set on fire. An awesome display.

The rivers. Somehow they reach deep inside me. One of my favorite films is a "River Runs Through It". There is so much unspoken yet flowing through the words of that film. It stirs me to wonder a lot... The last lines of the film;

 "Eventually all things merge into one and a river
runs through it. The river was cut by the worlds great
flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time.
On some of those rocks are timeless raindrops.
Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are
theirs. I am haunted by waters."

I'm not a boatman at all... but water... has always had some sort of a draw. Not so much to play on it or in it... but to live with it. There is something alive there in the rivers.

Somehow I make maybe an odd connection inside. Something in my soul bonds them all together into something that makes sense to me. The wind. The rivers, the waters... and a motorcycle. The most joyous rides I've made have been along a narrow twisting road that followed a river.

Sweeping through the wind on a bike, twisting and leaning as a ribbon of asphalt follows the river running over the rocks from the basement of time... Somehow it feeds my soul...

And sometimes, I get lost and hide from the wind and run from the river... but I always find my way back. The sound of the waters always brings me home.

Montana is blessed maybe more than any other place I've been with waters that touch the spirit.

The Blackfoot. The Gallatin. The Madison. The Yellowstone. The Bitterroot. And so many others. I don't fish them. I don't boat them. I let them fill my eyes and my heart. I breathe in their scent... and when I'm blessed... I split the wind beside them on a thundering motorcycle and feel whole.

Today I couldn't stay at my writing. I needed Out! From my mistakes I've been made a pedestrian with nothing but an old truck. But that'll do. Arlo and I loaded up to drive down along the Yellowstone River past Gardiner into the park.

We drove along the Gardiner river, the Gibbon, the Madison. We captured the poor photos here of the Firehole river.

The waters soothe the hurts of the soul and give it strength just as they feed the land. As the author wrote; "I am haunted by waters."

*The Madison is there, just at the far edge of the grass below the timber*
We rolled along those joyous waters to the lil' burg of West Yellowstone for some junk food... had to do the driver through 'cause it was too warm to leave Arlo settin' in the truck...

He doesn't seem to mind...

As long as I share a lil' with him... He's pretty much a hairy garbage disposal.

Turns out he kinda likes salty french fries.

It's actually a fairly infrequent thing for me to share groceries with him. He's got a bad habit of beggin'...

... trouble is, I have a bad habit of not bein' able to resist those beggin' eyes.

After lunch I had to make a stop for desert... The West Yellowstone Dairy Queen!

It's kind of a family tradition.

Buuuut... I maybe should have gotten the smaller one...

... and bein' as it's got chocolate in an M&M Blizzrd... poor Ol' Arlo couldn't get to share none!

He don't get no beer neither...

On down the road a ways, on top of Craig Pass is another small bit of water called Lake Isa.

I've been trying to capture a decent photograph of it for years.

I think maybe it's one of those places where it's better to concentrate on the small parts than the whole thing...

Montana... and Her Rivers... It is a Joyous, soul healing place. (and uh... Wyoming too! Since a lot of these photographs are from there! ha ha ha)

- Brian