Sunday, September 18, 2016

Meandering Across Montana... Trailing a Fork in the Road

Left Seeley Lake a while ago. Rolled along for miles pondering the fork in the path that sits looming in front of me. It stayed hidden in the dust - for miles... just vague shapeless forms moving in the haze. Hard to discern. But after a while the road and Montana did its job and they did come clear.  The options and the needs. Which way to go...

I also came to understand that publicly sharing too much with too many is... well it is what it is. Best to not leave too much sign to follow. Too many sick little trolls in the world just waiting for the opportunity to ambush. All they serve to do is divert, obstruct and degrade whatever they can. Worthless bits of anonymous walking talking manure. They know who they are...No use for them. Time to curtail a lot of that...

You have two basic choices for how you behave in this world, really. You can support and nurture and lift up the dreams of others... or you can be a malicious, snapping dog that rips and tears at anything it can reach - and is reviled by all. Beating on someone when they're down... illuminates which you are... But beware... eventually that 'one' will get back up and dust off. Which would you rather be? One of those who stood guard? and earned respect? or the dog they kick... next time it comes a snapping?

Been sitting on the bank of the Missouri river waiting for the time to head over and get to work in Sidney.  That day is today. I'll hitch up shortly and stop by the dump station just down the road before making the 140 mile or so haul.

Just a couple days before we go to work. The next five or six weeks will be a work/sleep situation and little else.

Dug a deep hole. Like I said a good while ago, it'll take a good while to make the repairs... This is the next major task to be done along that road.

*Sunrise over the Missouri*

*Missouri River Sunset*

*... and another*
 It matters not if you get where you're headed. It matters only that you keep reaching...

- Brian