Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boondocked on the Prescott National Forest.

Boondocked out here on the Prescott... a fellow drifter came by the other day... found my camp from my short email description to him...

After he'd scraped his differential over the rocks and ruts on his truck getting in here... gee... I had no trouble draggin' the fifth wheel over that ;) ... he wanted to know was there a warrant out for me or what? Somebody hunting you? ... process server? You couldn't find a place deeper into nowhere to hide out? ;)

Ha ha... yeah well... you can't get much solitude in a walmart parking lot.

It's nice here... buuuuut... I know for sure and for certain, I've been here long enough already that I'm pretty sure I'm already illegal... and I'm the wrong nationality for that to be ok!

He did not say that! He did Not Say That! I'm sure that he did not say that!

Ha! Yeah he did. You didn't come here expecting political correctness did you?

Oh. You did? Well then... bummer for you. Cuz that's not likely something you'll find here abouts.

Buuuut... I have to wait for mail out of South Dakota to arrive general delivery with my new license tags.

Then I'm thinking it's late enough in the winter that maybe I'll head up on top of the rim... A fella should be dumb enough to stumble into at least ONE snow storm a year so he don't forget how much he's come to detest 'em... shouldn't he?

Actually, I'm tinkering more with an idea for dodging the regulatin' of the king. Since mobile living minimizes the licenses and regs a guy has to adjust to... maybe the solution for my wishin' for a place to set up some of the things I want that require less than constant wanderin' is...

Dodge the building permit "issue" and all the complications of "Building" anything, with just boondocking on your own place. Then to deal with cold winters and hot summers... do it with...

... a couple of "Places"... bought dirt cheap. Yup, just camp using "boondocking" skills, equipment and techniques. That way, he might could have a "winter" camp location and a summer camp location for when he wanted to set up for a while, no matter the season, in between the wanderings; and not have to move every 14 days if he don't want to.

Just being "camped" there'd be no building permits required since you're not making "improvements"; all you did was stop the rig and turn the motor off.

Now, a little known military secret. If you move slowly enough you can crawl across a pool table and nobody will see you! It's true! Just like magic. So, if you apply that to the civilian world; If you do "some" things reeeeeeally reeeeeeally slowly, one lil part at a time; nobody will even see it happen so it's not ever quite noticed that it did. ;) 

Yeah! See, what you do is take a board and lay it out there in the meadow. Nobody's gonna take notice of a board are they? A month later, nail another board to it. Kinda like Johnny Cash swipin' that fancy cadillac one piece at a time in his lunch box.

So, then one day a guy says; Wow! I don't even remember that house gettin' built there! Weird! :)

And that's only if you didn't get a place in the first place that they can't even see into. Well, unless they're paying some monkey to sit and scan over satellite pics and then try to match them up with their list of permits...

Considering govies ability with "websites" I'm not so sure that's a viable threat ;)

At the least such a solution would give him the changing of places with the seasons to change his scenery while allowing for those miscellaneous and sundry things he's wanting to do that constant rolling gets in the way of.

Then again... I might just pick up and rattle along.  You never really know till you can look back and see what happened.

Yeah... the brain wanders in the far out and lonesome

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just A Man__Free On The Earth

When there's no egotistical political conflict, no head games, no business competition, no feeling the need to defend against another's agenda, no religious fanaticism, no arguing about whether sexual preference is genetic or a choice...

When there's the absence of any interest in who someone's father was or the color of that fella's skin, no care about what side of some line on a map you__or they__ were born on, no having to endure being shouted down by some ignorant bafoon spouting about HIS right to free speech and belief... but YOUR beliefs are hateful and ignorance without merit and your expressing them won't be tolerated...

... when you've turned away from most all the things that the advance of "Civilization" has wrought... and even begun to wean off as much of its technology as is feasible__what's left?

Not much...

... the only thing that remains... Is Peace... and ... Life.

What's left is the softness of a sunrise. The sweet taste of the high desert breeze on your face.

What's left is the opportunity to live your life without the arrogance that is the predominant and chosen trait of such a majority of humanity... The opportunity to walk softly in the world provided with everything a man needs to be happy.

Funny how such a simple desire is considered a threat and assaulted with such ferocity by soh-sigh-uh-tee.

What's left? Not much and yet everything.

I am just a man... Free on the Earth.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just Saddle Up and Ride...

At some point you just accept that you ain't got the power or the slick words to change a dang thing in this world...

You can beat your head against that wall until it's caved in... you can tell everyone that they're on fire, and point at the flames on their ass... you can take a picture of it and blow it up into a glossy 8X10 and SHOW them...

Yeah you can... and they'll still argue that your intransigent recalcitrance to submit to the will of the majority is the problem... NOT... the flames eating on their butt!

You come to realize that words are often useless. The same word means opposite things to two people. They stand in one place, looking at the Same Scene... and perceive two distinctly dissimilar things.

So yeah... rather than wasting any more of the water in my glass splashing it on the ass of a burnt sucker... who only gets mad at me for getting him wet... I'll just add a lil' whiskey... and drink it.

... then realize... I can't change a damned thing... Except might could be... One... Myself.

-If- "Born out of season"... "Born in the wrong century"... is the problem...

There's NEVER an absence of a solution... Only the failure to recognize it... or maybe the Will to pursue it...

My road is Back to the Future...

That trail is there... but it's hidden like the tracks of a man... walking in the surf...

What do you do when you can't find the trail?... Make a new one...