Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just A Man__Free On The Earth

When there's no egotistical political conflict, no head games, no business competition, no feeling the need to defend against another's agenda, no religious fanaticism, no arguing about whether sexual preference is genetic or a choice...

When there's the absence of any interest in who someone's father was or the color of that fella's skin, no care about what side of some line on a map you__or they__ were born on, no having to endure being shouted down by some ignorant bafoon spouting about HIS right to free speech and belief... but YOUR beliefs are hateful and ignorance without merit and your expressing them won't be tolerated...

... when you've turned away from most all the things that the advance of "Civilization" has wrought... and even begun to wean off as much of its technology as is feasible__what's left?

Not much...

... the only thing that remains... Is Peace... and ... Life.

What's left is the softness of a sunrise. The sweet taste of the high desert breeze on your face.

What's left is the opportunity to live your life without the arrogance that is the predominant and chosen trait of such a majority of humanity... The opportunity to walk softly in the world provided with everything a man needs to be happy.

Funny how such a simple desire is considered a threat and assaulted with such ferocity by soh-sigh-uh-tee.

What's left? Not much and yet everything.

I am just a man... Free on the Earth.


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Carol said...

Just found your blog...sure do like the dogs in your header.