Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Couple More Steps Along the Road.

Took advantage of the nice weather today and got the 270 watt Kyocera Solar panel I stripped back off the Lakota mounted on the Drifter's Wagon.

Decided to run the cables right through the roof and seal 'em down tight, along with a big puddle of caulking around each foot of the solar panel.

Even if the mount screws failed__that caulk ain't gonna let the panel go anywhere.

The roof vent is kinda close but no option there to catch the roof bows for mounting. I'll only have to point the nose North when I set a camp so as to eliminate any worries of shadowing the panel... so no worries at all.

Now I'm waiting on the two little windows I ordered to arrive so I can get them cut in.

With the windows in place I'll be able to move on to insulating. 

This "Hardside Tent" will be livable in no time 😉

This next gypsy season is gonna be a sweet one. Minimalist Biker Camp in miles  and miles of far country for my boots...

... and miles and miles of knees in the wind on winding ribbons of Asphalt.

- Brian


Bob said...

Looking forward to following this next gypsy season! Like that solar setup and the new bike. Hope the new rig dragging it down the road still has a Cummins in it...

gypsycowboy said...

Haha... um, nope. The "new" rig is an old rig. An '02 Yukon my daughter has had for years. Like me it's been used but it's still rolling. Not as pretty as she once was... but it's been reliable. Hoping to get another year or so out of her. Going to that sort of vehicle gives me a me more flexibility + Similar fuel mileage at 40 cents or so cheaper fuel... not to mention she's a lot quieter and easy driving 😉