Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I Can See a Light...

I knew when I shook off the past failure and stepped off on this next chapter it would be a piece of work.

Like when we cracked out, and left the old life behind, near ten years ago; people often asked how much money we had to do that; "Oh, I don't know, probably enough to nearly get to the end of the month."

They were shocked and wouldn't believe. But, that's exactly how it was...and is.

The pic is from a few weeks ago. Much more has been added. The bunk finished. A folding table, a shelf setup at the back... 

I'm waiting on the last few bits I ordered to make my camp sustainable. All happens slowly as my once again hobbled income drips in and allows it.
Otherwise most of what I see necessary for the outfit is done.

Somewhere around April Fools day - very appropriate 😎 - I'm hoping to roll out... on a whisper and a hope.

Once I regain the road I'll do a little video tour of my camp as I've built it... I've been living in the biker hooch trailer for maybe six weeks or so... moved in just as soon as I'd assembled my bunk. 

Since I'm changing the basic way of living; simplifying 'systems' and eliminating much of "high" technology  (much but not all), I thought it best to go to living in it and work out the kinks of my deal here at my daughters place in Missouri. Gives me sort of a safety net for those times when I say; "Well, that didn't work out quite like I had it figured!" 😎 

What happened to the Lakota? Nothing. It sits despondent over beside the shop. Unused and unwanted. Selling her off or divesting it in some way is proving to be a real chore. Being 'upside down' relative to debt and market price makes it a tricky deal... it will get sorted eventually.

For now, I focus on getting set up to Crack out once again!

I'll be in touch!

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Gotta love it.