Friday, October 3, 2014

Shhhhh... Be Vewy Vewy Qwwww-iet...

Got all fired up ready to go to work... and then ... NADA... Three days called on account of rain. :-/

Hell of a way to start the Beet Pickin' Campaign ;) buuuuuut... Today the morning sky is Montana clear, even if it is shiver in your jeans cold! ... sooooo... shhhhh... don't tell nobody and jinx it!

I can't complain about the wait, other than to say too many days of cold and wet waiting in a fiver for to go to work... is too many... even if they DO pay us four hours a day just for being here to wait!

But, now it's time to pull on the hard hat, turn the key in the ignition, fire up that BobCat skidsteer and start hauling ventilation pipe and piling beets!

You know, some folks think sitting in a bobcat is an easy deal. "You have air conditioning, a heater and a radio!!!"

Ha ha ha... I'll tell you what. Last year I thought I'd be losing some of my fitness from a month in the cab of that skidsteer. Yeah... I HATE working out. You might end up buff but other than that and sweat you got nothing to show for it.

I much prefer having something DONE for all the hard work. A shop built. A hundred ton of hay stacked for the winter, something. But working out... meh it's just boring... so... anyway, since I am sorta busted up from the world I've lived in, with maybe a half dozen bones that haven't been broke, bruised or dislocated... and the carcass around 'em Heat stroked, concussion-ed, frost bit or cut...

...I work out a bit to stay mobile and functioning, since tapping out words on a keyboard doesn't keep much but my fingers and brain in shape. ;)

So... last year I thought I'd get weaker in the skid steer for so long...

Turned out, according to my modest lil' workout routine... I GAINED about 15 or 20% ! It seems working a bobcat skidsteer is harder than it looks!

Off to my Beet Campaign workout!


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