Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Harvest Campaign Continues...

The weather has been cooperating to allow things to dry out so we can get our work done. A few folks have complained about the wind. Ha Ha Ha... This is Montana girls. 30 mph ain't wind, that's a calm day! :)

With temps staying in the fifties and low sixties we're staying away from the two ends that shut down operations. If the beets get too warm, they have to stop piling or they'll spoil/rot in the stockpile before they can be processed. Likewise if they freeze.

So... periodically one of the higher highers take internal beet temps to monitor where they're at... so far so good. So this weather is just about perfect.

The campaign is beginning to wear on a few folks though. Simple truth is, there's a lot of people who have never worked for twelve hours a day, seven days a week for any length of time. It takes a certain sort of mindset to just pick 'em up and put 'em down one step after the other, when you're weary and dirty, and just get the job done.

Compound that with the wind, dust, noise and machinery roaring around everywhere, and it can get fatiguing. That right there is when you reach down inside, look up with a grin... and holler; "Let 'er buck!" :)

Yup... time to separate the Cowboys from the men ;)

This right here is where I swell up my chest and brag just a lil' bit. When the pressure tightens up, the wind rises, and the proverbial "Stuff" is hitting the fan... is where I do my best work. It's kinda like climbing onto the storm deck of a bronc...

To folks on the outside sitting in the stands, it looks like a blur of confusion and violence... on the inside... things slow down and you "See" what needs to be done and when... and you just get the job done.

Now... Piling Beets is not something you do for fun... I came here for but one reason... Dinero! :) That said, it's a good feeling to be able to test yourself against the crowd... and yourself. To know that you can still hold your own when things get more difficult... and even still outrun the majority is not a bad feeling to have. :)

To be a "Disabled Vet" and still be out front... why... That's just Ego on Steroids! Ha Ha Ha.

Yeah... I'm a show off braggart at times... I suppose that's the Cowboy in me... and maybe just a lil' bit of the bareback Bronc Rider. ;)


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Unknown said...

Hey glad to hear the weather is perfect for doing the job. I definitely believe you are one tough Cowboy! Brag while ya can. :D