Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Exodous Seems to Have Begun

The Big tent closes out today in Quartzsite. Been a morning of honking and sounds of tires on gravel as people move on to other camps. I expect tomorrow will be the biggest thinning of the remaining outfits. I'll soon have a lot more room around here.

Seems like though the rigs might have been fewer... there are more of those zoomin' flyboys than ever...

This one was skimmin' low over the rigs and wavin' like he was a Rodeo Queen in a parade. I'd be a little more comfortable if he just kept his hands on the controls. ;)

Rode to Parker yesterday... spent about ten bucks less and got twice as many days of  vittles... amazing the number of meals you can squeeze out of a couple dollars with .20 cent Ramen soup... and .98 cent mac-n-cheese! ;)

But... I sure don't understand what all them people thought was so damned funny about the guy bungee cordin' the case of drinkin' water onto the back seat of his scooter? :-/

Oh yeah. It's high grade cowboy cuisine 'round here.

But... now it's time to buckle down on the discipline and start pushing Jeb and Ben to get their story done...

Still Movin' Along


Anonymous said...

Every penny counts when the budget is tight. Smart of you to conserve when possible. Good luck on the transition.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

One of those flyboys ate it above Glenwood Springs, CO last summer and I got to watch the rescue from my back deck. It was pretty scary. He swore off flying after that. Maybe smarter than the average flyboy, I dunno. It looks like fun if you're in denial.

Brian said...

Pleinguy; and at 20 cents... Ramen is SOOOOOO good ;)

SDR; Zoomies... why I DIDN'T go Airborne a long time ago!!! :)