Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our NASCAR Week is Nearly Done.

I started the week working on the 'puter while Heidi worked her gate... Then Thursday night, after our Tram operations safety meeting  she got her driving indoctrination.

So, she rode as a hostess Friday. I figured come Saturday she'd have forgot that drivin' stuff.

Not so much. So, bein' the sweet lovable gentle fella that all know me to be, I let her drive "for a while", you know... Just to get the experience. She'll be driving in a couple weeks for the Good Sam rally here at PIR.
Thought it would be good for her to have hauled a bit... Well... We done created a monster.

"I drive so good I think I should drive and you should host!" She says as she's locking the doors to keep me out of the truck!

I swear! She locks up the truck and takes the keys when she takes an outhouse break! Really! ;)
What have I done to myself?!!!

We're rolling back out by Q tomorrow. I'm meeting up with the guys I rode to Devils Tower with last summer to ride a couple days... And we need to stay pretty close to be back here for the Good Sam Rally on the 22nd.
... Not to mention more dental demolition on the 13th. :)

I'll be glad when April gets here and I can slow down again :)

Right... Like I 'always' Have the Speedo Pegged ;)

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Sailbad said...

Yo Cowboy,
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Might want to mention it. It could increase sales.