Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a HOG!

At least... I guess... according to Verizon! ... and I thought I rode a Yamaha. ;)

When Mark voiced his feelings about the air card Thing to me, when we crossed trails in Catalina, Arizona several weeks ago... it was like an echo of thoughts I'd been having...

... but since then my own internet slow down has only gotten worse... and I really started paying attention.

Last night... I had a flash for about 60 seconds of 2885 kbps... only to have it fall to ZERO, 10, 235... 45kbps... arrrrrggggghhhhh! This morning 1856 for a few seconds... and then 0, 1.24, 22.58,  Lovely... and all... with Five bars of signal.

So... I started digging a little bit and found, going back a year and more, that what's goin' on ain't a surprise to anybody but us! :) I found this article and linked to it... this one...

Bottom line I was right... I'm so proud! ;) ... the solution is gonna be High Dollar and it's gonna take a while.

You and me are the problem, NOT, AT&T or Verizon. We're buying data munching gizmos faster than the Providers can build the systems to feed 'em. We're getting frustrated and they're losing ground.

It's gonna get worse, before it gets better... Now... for most folks it's only an inconvenience... but me? I've kinda painted myself into a box... again! :) Wow! Has THAT put a look of surprise on this Ol' Busters face! :-o

My Precious Mobile Internet has allowed, to my great Joy, a heavy part of my income to be made while I live The Gypsy life I have hungered for and chased my entire life. Dealing with the frustrations of finding access... so I can do my "Work"... isn't just something I can take or leave... if I leave it... I don't eat... and the dream goes - KERSPLATT!

I have no option but to hunt up, work out, build up, a solution... or a balance... that doesn't leave me kicking pigs.... and spewing blue smoke!

Right at this moment, I've no idea really which way to go. I know there's an answer... There's a trail to follow... I just have to find it.

Different Day... New Potholes ;)

Shining Up My Shovel to do Road Repairs


Paul said...

Have you checked into Millenicom?

BTW, it is nice to finally see some nice weather here at the race track.


Cindy Kingma said...

I am thinking your investigation and correct reasoning about the amount of gizmos versus bandwidth equipment(?) no longer being equal, will lead you to a solution for your work. Its your time versus how LONG they will need or take,and IS a consideration as well. Alot of people 'play' on these things versus those of you that depend on it for money making endeavors, but it is what it since you are good at living can upgrade to a system that keeps you making those beans..and doing work like NASCAR or whatever, while you wait for a fix by the 'tower' people..Good luck, at any rate!

Ed said...

Paul said...

Have you checked into Millenicom?

I don't think this will be any solution to the problem since Millenicom does not have any towers of their own.

They use excess bandwidth that other providers (verizon) have available. However, it may be that the providers are giving Millenicom open access rather than restricting them to the excess which has contributed to the problem?

Brian said...

Between AT&T and Verizon it looks like they spent something like 36 billion bucks last year upgrading their systems... And still lost ground ... Whooeeee... That's a lot of bandwidth. The projection for mobile use is to nearly quadruple in the next two years. I guess I'll just work on improving my patience. :)

Don said...

I'll be seeing you at your local Starbucks or McDonalds - free wifi with the purchase of a coffee and I know you like that stuff. Won't do anything for you while boondocked though.

Mike said...

Hi Bryan;

Yep, just about the time my employer finally unshackled me by trading the hardware VPN for a software VPN, and now the lack of mobile bandwidth. So far, we've been able to have decent connection speeds while traveling in WY and MT. See, there are advantages to being where the snow is!


john said...

are you not drivin for the race this weekend to be there and not WORK wow

Brian said...

Oh... I'm driving... A little... The REST of the time I got pushed back to the 'host' position' back on the tram :)