Sunday, November 6, 2011

RVers and NASCAR

Yes boys and girls, it's Race Week at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)

The RVing NASCAR fans are staged and ready. They'll be rumblin' in here, gigglin' and laughing come the morning. There's maybe twice as many set and ready as were there for the spring race.

*Screw the Recession! We're goin' NASCAR Racing*

The track has been completely repaved with many changes to the width, layout and banking. The weather is cool and nice... It should be a fine week.

The only grousin' I've heard 'round here is... us Tram Drivers ain't allowed to slam other Tram Drivers into the wall at a hundred and eighty miles an hour, or do that tailgate bumpin' those Other NASCAR drivers do. Heck, we're not even 'lowed to squeal our tires :(  Fact is, they actually expect us to behave in a sociable manner... aw shucks! Somethin' 'bout us having passengers on the trailers or some darn thing ;)

Yeah... OK... I'll play nice. ;)

It should be a good week. Lots more folks will be here for this race than back in the spring. The season is almost done, there's only one race left after this'un and the championship is soon to be decided, so, here we come!

We got pulled out of the "back lot" at my sisters place without trouble (the ground firmed up nice after the big rain of the other night) hauled out to PIR and parked the rig just a mite after noon today. We set up here at what's commonly called; "Tram Corner"... A few of the people are here... and several yet to come.

*Tram Drivers Rigs, the calm before the storm, at PIR*

Ha! and you thought only those fancy boys in the quick cars had rigs... we got us our own lil' "community compound" for NASCAR "roadies" :) ... OK... so what I've got invested won't buy the tires on the Big Boys stuff... but bent, broke and dusty... It got me here! :)

*Still got several Tram drivers to arrive*

How's that for convenience... just walk around the end of that fence in the mornin' to go to work... pretty short commute! and then there's three Free shower setups an' two bars on the place, along with a whole dang grocery store in a circus sized tent... with must be seven semi loads of beer stacked up... Not too shabby.

Something to keep in mind for you more serene sorts of folks... your normal campround "Quiet Hours" of 10pm to 7 a.m. or so in the morning? uhhhhh.... not quite the same here...

... Quiet hours at NASCAR... leastways PIR, are 1 in the A.M. to 6 A.M. :) Can you say PAR-TAY? ... I thought you could... so... If you're a light sleeper? Ya'll might want to get yourself a room down to the Comfort Inn!

A pretty nice sunset tonight... Makes for a good omen for the week don't it?

*Sunset at PIR to Start off the Kobalt Tools 500 Race week!*

Well, good omen or not, I'm ready...

One other thing I'm hopin' will happen earlier in the week, rather than later is to have the Premium Catalog Approval come through at Smashwords for, A Pair of Second Chances. (my newest suspense novel) I'm waitin' on that so I know I've got a clean format on my manuscript, before I can upload it to Amazon, and really kick it in gear and get to work promoting it.

I've got my fingers crossed that will happen Monday some time... but... it'll happen when it happens.

All in all... it should be a fun week on a couple of fronts... and to a modest degree... a profitable one ;) Hawkin' my ebooks/novels, Hauling Race fans for pay twice a year... My version of Workamping is bumpin' along.

See You on the Tram Road!

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the_Wanderer said...

Sounds like a lot more activity than you might like, Brian! But congrats on the new novel - you got way more techno skills than me on this stuff! How'd the repairs go?

Warren said...

Enjoyed the book Brian. Buzzed right through it. I left a short review on Smashwords. I liked the mix of old ways trying to fit with current times. Thanks for the reminder near the end to call the folks in Sheridan and replace my old wore out cap. :)

Very well done, waiting for the next one. Maybe we might even hear from Ben again some day, he still has plenty of miles left.


Jeff and Lori said...

Jeez Brian, hope you don't make a wrong turn in that motorized wagon and end up on the racetrack. Could make an interesting Buster Keaton scene though...

Brian said...

Wanderer; Yeah, most times right? :) It's fun though... for the week... and them I'm READY for the empty desert!

Warren; Thank You! That a person simply enjoyed the reading and want more from the characters is maybe the best thing a "writer" can hear I think! ... and a secret, so shhhhh... There will be more of Ben... but first... more of Jeb! ;)

Jeff and Lori; :) hmmm... bet I could stay in front of all those "quick" cars... what with draggin' two trailers behind me to bully 'em with... huh? ;)

Jeff and Lori said...

Looking forward to the helmet cam video of that Brian!!

Anonymous said...

Brian....Start your engine!!! Have yourselves a blast and make the most of it with a lot of laughs. BiLL