Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain...

Not sure... but can you still call it rhythm when it's more like... a steady stream comin' out of a hose... rather than rain drops? Guess it would be "Flowin' rain rather than Falling?" ;)

Monday at NASCAR was a wet one. Rained in the night and nigh on to a gully washer for a while in the day. :) Cleared off nicely Yesterday though... which allowed me to get a whole hour and a half of Race track work in, in the sunshine. :) The Trams are put together by track crews on the east side of the hill on the east side of the track.

While the Tram Yard we drive out of during the week is way down to the opposite end of the property.

The Trucks were late arriving so we didn't get to start movin' 'em, from one end to the other, till nearly noon... Not a real problem though... since my commute is pretty short... Step out my door... and it's not too awful far to go to work! :)

*A Short Commute to the yard at PIR*

They're hauled in, (Trucks/Trams) most of 'em, I guess from another track where they're used. So then we go up to that yard and run 'em down to Tram Corner, from which we operate.

*Tram Corner at PIR... Ready to Start Hauling Race Fans*

The campground areas are slowly filling. I'd guess twice the rigs were staged as back at the Spring race. They tell me though that it's still way down from what the numbers were, when "The economy was strong"... Even NASCAR fanatics have to pull in their horns and watch the dollars a lil' more close when times are tough.

So, rather than come out and be here on the Pre-race Monday, they hold off and come on out later in the week, even as late as Friday... Shave a bit here, shave a bit there... and still go to the Races!

A bit lower RV Numbers in the Campgrounds, can't have hurt ticket sales too awful much though I think... The Sunday Race from what I've heard has been sold out for a bit... though, they still are makin' a lower income from campground parking... Tougher Times... even at NASCAR.

A bit of  an interesting evening last night. We were just about to get in the truck to go to Wally World for a replacement propane bottle for the Coleman... so I could grill up supper; pretty much the rest of the Tram drivers had loaded up in a couple of cars to head off for a chinese dinner in Avondale, and invited us along, as we were walking to the truck.

So... saying "Works for me" we jumped on in the truck and followed along... Well... on down the road we got stopped at a light that hadn't caught either of the other two cars...

The light changed finally and I pulled on through the intersection and turned in, where I'd seen them turn in... and you know what? POOF! ... They was gone! ... Nowhere to be seen! :)

Had me pangs of abandonment I did! Couldn't believe they'd just ditch me that-a-way! :)

Turned out, they'd pulled in to the wrong place, and were spinnin' a big circle to get back on the right trail. When I was turning in the front... they were leaving out of that parking lot through the side door.

So... we thought for a moment... and with a lil' trial and error and juDIshul cowboy biker deeDUKshun, along with some minor Smartphone GPS assistance, we located the nearest Chinese food place and followed the computer voice directions to that... which was just 'round the corner... and found 'em.

Ha! You have to work harder than THAT to ditch this Ol' Twister!

Still waiting on my final Premium Catalog approval at Smashwords. I expect that the speed with which they do that, is reduced in direct geometric proportion to the anxiety with which a feller is waiting on the approval...

The trouble is... Patience, is NOT something most folks consider to be one of my current attributes. ;)

Workin' on Developing Some Attributes

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