Thursday, November 10, 2011

NASCAR, RV Possibilities and Brand New Suspense Novels

Stuff is startin' to happen in a NASCAR rushin' hurry! Just to keep my brain pan in a tee total commotion.

The boys are here and startin' to warm things up on the new track... They started practicing a lil' after noon today... But... I'm thinkin'... When even the "lesser" classes are runnin' up over 130 miles an hour? Maybe they should have their skills kinda honed when they get here... juuuuuuuust a lil' late to be "practicing" don't you think? :)

But... practice they did for about four hours...

whoowee! and when the "big boys" get to playin'... they're addin' another 50 mph or so on top of what these guys are screamin' past at... and to think... that Raider of mine .... once hauled me at only 'bout 5 mph less than these cars are runnin' past at...

... buuuuut... I never told you that! and I'll deny it if ya'll tell anyone! ;)

This lil' bit of practice racing is 'bout all we'll really get to see... cuz we're working the trams pretty much the rest of the time we're here. There's nigh on to double the folks here that were here in the spring I believe... they're expecting 100,000 plus here Sunday... Whoooooeee! We are gonna be buuuussssssssy! on the Trams!

So, knowin' that, we got on down early this evening to check things out... before we dive in and get to haulin' fans for the rest of the weekend...

Wouldn't you know it? I finally got the approval from Smashwords on my latest book, early in the afternoon... so spent the late afternoon getting A Pair of Second Chances uploaded to the Amazon Kindle Store... and it'll be live there sometime in the next day or so.

So, with the thought tickling the back of my tiny lil' cogitator, that might could be, that book could have an impact on changing our situation a bit, sometime in the not too far off future ;) we're walkin' down the midway up at the track and find a display from the Camping World Store here in Avondale...

... and stumbled across a fiver toybox that we actually liked...

It's the same length as the Eagle we've been draggin' around for ten years, only it's a toy hauler with a 100 gallon water tank... and a fuel station to keep the Raider going! ... Hooya...

A Vortex Fifth Wheel built I believe by MVP.

Now, wouldn't that be sweet!

Then... we even found the perfect Tow vehicle to pull it too! Just up the midway a bit...

*RAMINATOR!   The Perfect Fifth Wheel Tow Vehicle!*
For sure! Just think... the next time you're pulling through a Wal Mart and the bozo in the Prius cuts you off? OOOPS! Sorry 'bout that! Muhahahahaha! :)

I"ll bet I can get THIS truck up Imogene Pass too!

What would add to a sweet setup, would be, to figure out how to squeeze this lil' bug in with the Raider!

*A Sweet lil' Option for an RV Back Road Toad!*
How'd that be for a Backroader car?

Talk 'bout a suh-wheet camp!!

'course... that don't really amount to much in the way of downsizin' do it?

Kinda falls more into the He who dies with the most toys wins category... 

What can I say... Frugal is fine... but... so is Playin' with Nice toys! :) ... and I don't have a whole lot of trouble with funnifyin' frugalizing!

Aw well... Bad Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Prius Crunchers and NASCAR screamers always was more fun than keepin' some stingy Ol' Aunt happy. :)

Well... Time for bed if I'm gonna haul Red Neck NASCAR Race fans for ten hours in the morning... so I'd better close this out and have it ready for ya when you wake up Friday!

Like I said, I got the last part of the publishing accomplished this afternoon on my second Novel... I'll have the links posted up as soon as she goes live... and I'm not pushing Iron on the Tram Road. :)

Haulin' NASCAR Butts at PIR

**Ed. Note** Amazon got on its game last night and got A Pair of Second Chances up LIVE quick, so I've gotten that link already installed up there in the corner of this page with my other books... and into its spot over in the 3rd column on a few pages of the main website... Much work yet to do though, as always :) Hope you enjoy the book! ;)**

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Sharlotte said...

Are you gonna be on Barnes and Nobel too. Would like to download it to my nook.
Hope all is well with you and yours. Been real busy, squeezing a larger house into a much smaller doublewide on the lake. Think with the help of a 12 x 24 storage shed I will make it. LOL. Lordie tne Salvation Army loved us in Baton Rouge.
Heard from the daughter the other day. Seems we are gonna have a sweet little granddaughter in March.

Sharlotte said...

sorry, am not unknown. This is Sharlotte

Brian said...

Sharlotte; Yes Ma'am... it should be up live at Barnes and Noble in the next week or two. It takes a lil' while to work its way through the "Pipeline"...

Just a warning though... the "language" is a lil' "Rougher" in this story than the first... but... it wouldn't be very credible to be havin' "Nasty Boys" talking all polite and proper... So, it is pretty "Real World" I think...

How-some-ever... I can promise you their "Karma" does pay attention to their poor manners! ;)