Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do You REALLY, Want to Honor Veterans?

Waving flags one or two days a year is fine, and I'm not about to tell you to stop doing that... but.. there is a BETTER way...

However... it takes dedicated work. It takes sweat and blood... and it takes Courage.


Here at the Nascar Race... there's flags for all the drivers... There are also, everywhere you look, the Star Spangled Banner and Statements of "Veterans...Thank You for Your service"

That is what I as a Vet want to see... People LIVING... the life that America's Warriors, with their sacrifices, have won for this Nation.

To Honor America's Veterans in the most profound way... What I suggest is;

Refuse to surrender your way of life.
Refuse to live in Fear.
Refuse to surrender your Liberties in the pursuit of transient, temporary and promised security.

Chase your Dreams, no matter How Frightening and scary that pursuit might be.

Teach your children to Live Free.

Refuse to be selfish, racist, complacent, judgmental, greedy, or parasitic.

Refuse to allow the abuse of those around you... irregardless of the fact that to you they are strangers.

Live with Pride and Dignity.

Live, Laugh, Love and NEVER, EVER... Surrender your FREEDOM, or that of Your Children or Grand Children... no matter how loud the mindless clamor of the terrified masses becomes.

I for one will Live Free. I Will Fight Free... and I will Die, a Free Man... if for no other reason than to Honor the men I served with.

Living My Life to Honor My Brothers

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Anonymous said...

Well said! And thanks for saying it.
Steven from Monument

A little sumpin sumpin garden story. said...

Thanks Brian. You nailed it! Great post.

the_Wanderer said...

Anyone can wave a flag. (Or not). Rememnber 1968? Well spoken, and right on the money< Brian...

Janna and Mike said...

We agree 100% with what you are saying Brian, very well said, thank you!

Fred and Wilma said...

I also being a Vet am in agreement with you 100%.
Great blog Brian.