Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Problem With Gloating Too Soon...

... is that on occasion, you get caught.

Yeah... you brag that you were smart enough to get out before the weather caught you... but then... you stop too soon :)

Like, hanging up on the Mogollon Rim, 'cause the weatherman promises only a chance of some scattered thundershowers...

... um ... never heard any thunder, and the sky is Definitely NOT sunny as promised! ;)

Aw well... it's not the 8 or 10 inches they got back where I ran out of either. If the sun does come out, this lil' skiff will melt away quick.

Down below, in the Phoenix valley they're still predicting 80+, so my winter is likely to be of reeeeal short duration.

Which is a good thing. 'cause in my old age, putting a motorcycle, with a seat full of ice and snow, in the wind just don't tickle my whiskers Any More!

So, a word to the wise; If you're contemplating cuttin' south for the sunny slopes of an Arizona winter...

... Don't say nuthin'... till you get there! Murphy and his Granddaddy, Old Man Winter, are just waitin' to pounce on the unsuspecting escapee who reveals his plans too soon! :)

Snow Dusted on The Mogollon

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Anonymous said...

Howdy Brian;
As usual, you went the wrong direction. We've got bright sunshine and low 50's up north. We didn't get any snow from the storm that chased and caught you going south. Who can figure out the weather? By this time last year the ground had disappeared under that nasty white stuff and stayed hidden until April. This year we've had a nice Indian summer and gentle transition into fall.


Cindy Kingma said...

El Nina is gonna give the SW a continuing drought....kiss the cactus for us, as we sit thru a 60+ inches of snow up in NW Washington. Not bad though. Got a toasty woodstove, boots, and a really heavy coat. I'm no sissy! Western WA just rains all winter, and THAT drove me nuts, so I will take snow a n y day!

Brian said...

Yeah, well, goin' the wrong direction is why so many folks come around to see what's happening... and see what I've got myself into this week ;) give it time... Wyoming always gets too cold for my old broken parts! :)

Dang thing wouldn't have caught me neither... if I hadn't stopped! DOH!