Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cowboy and the Repaired Eagle Dodged an October Bullet

A few last minute bobbles held us up from pulling out until nearly four in the afternoon. So, we only ran as far as the North side of Denver to meet the kids for a 'last supper' before we pulled on south.

We'd been watching the weather and had a real desire to outrun the coming first storm of the winter. I've seen snow... no need to see any more just yet...

*An Artist in the Making*

Watching that little gal concentrate on her coloring is pretty fun. About the only really 'serious' time you find with her.

So, well satisfied by Famous Dave's, one more time, we pulled on down to our first night at the Walmart Resort in Castlerock! :) yeah... don't take much to keep a red neck biker cowboy happy. Being down to Castlerock would have us on the south side of the Denver morning rush hour come daybreak.

That gave us a head start in the morning sun, to run for our second Walmart Resort night in Los Lunas, New Mexico. The clouds seemed to build up behind us, and to the west as we ran south. Coming into Sante Fe, the clouds looked identical to those I outran a couple years ago... or thought I had.

That trip, when I turned west at Socorro thinking I was south of the snow, I ran headfirst, directly into the storm... Yeeeee-Uck!

This time... we got about six rain drops last night in Los Lunas... and got up to a nice dawn in our Walmart Resort lot spot. :)

*Los Lunas, NM Walmart Sunrise*

The storm, from what I could read in posts of FB friends was powdering Colorado pretty good. Lots of branches down and power off all over the place... Made me feel kinda guilty that I'd cut and run... Ha! Whupped you again Murphy! Ha Ha!

Over west of Socorro, hard on the Arizona line, we pulled in for an early lunch at a U.S. hwy 60 "rest area" that no one seems too proud of... Nice lil' spot... if you discount the tumble weeds. I guess somebody thought they should be left alone to allow for an authentic western atmosphere! ;)

*Rest area lunch stop on the New Mexico - Arizona line on Hwy 60*

If you were wondering... these pics all came from my phone... sometimes it takes good... sometimes... not so much...

Anyhoo, we made it to a spot up on top of the Mogollon Rim that we know and like. It sits in the pines just off Hwy 260 west of Heber.

*A Boondock camp on the Mogollon Rim west of Heber, Arizona*

... and there's been an improvement 'round here. Last time we set up here, I had to kick on my Wilson amplifier to link up online, or make a call. This time? 3G and a whole bunch of bars... whoooeee! High Grade Boondocking. Far country and Internet access! Suh-Wheet!

Likely stay here a couple nights and then roll on down to Phoenix. I'm scheduled to ride a memorial poker run on the 29th... then I'm a NASCAR driver again at PIR the following week. :)

Really! A genuine NASCAR driver! uh huh!

Yup... Driving one of the trams again! :) Hauling drunk red necks to and from the races! :)

So...I better go get my rest... so I'm in good condition for the high speeds encountered on the tram road!

Outrunning the Colorado Snows

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Anonymous said...

Read your last post about Roton Pass..checked the webcams...58o..thought what's the prob??? Then today ...snow? 10"..thought Brian screwed up....Nope he was beating feet....
Good for you!!..Don't drop your frig...

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian! Glad to see your blog this morning. Sounds like ya been trying hard to outrun the snow and beat Murphy again! He can't win 'em all so take heart! Get some rest in that nice looking boondocking spot you got there. Nice! Have liked your comments on FB! Love the welding job and your son-in-law is a first rate welder!! He thinks and performs like my husband does. You will be 'no sweat' from now on with your home.

Cindy said...

Hey! That 2nd "Anonymous" comment wasn't supposed to be that...Its not what I picked....Its from me, Cindy Kingma!