Friday, October 28, 2011

The Nice Thing About Arizona...

Is... in most of it... If it snows during the night, all you have to do is wait a few hours, like maybe, Noon? and that stuff is Gone! :)

The sun comes out and no worries... Maybe a lil' later in the season, up here on the Mogollon... but not today.

"Lord it's good to be back home again"... who knew John was singin' about Arizona?! The air is fresh and pine scented. Most of the Oaks have lost their leaves, though some are shy and hangin' on to their cover.

I'd hang here on the rim for another few days... but I promised to be in Phoenix for a poker run tomorrow, so, dragging my feet I'll pull down off the rim today. Roll through Payson, and on south to Glendale.

The Mogollon Rim has been here for a couple of million years... it'll be here till we get back.

Arizona is Home

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Cindy K said...

Yay!!!!! Beautiful sunshine and gorgeous pictures to show us all what we are missing about where you are. Enjoy!

A little sumpin sumpin garden story. said...

Hey Brian,
There's a band that plays at our county fair every year here in california called Mogollon. Thats there home town. They're good guys and pretty intertaining. If you get a cance to see them it would be fun. It's the staying up late thing that gets to me...
Ride safe!