Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Does Choosing a Trail... and the Cost of Diesel Trigger Another Rambling Rant?

Guess you have to know me! :o)

Still haven't made the choice, but We're leaning toward the West and North trail... Rather than a South and East Hook... There's so much "stuff" going on along the border... and it's hard to get a straight story out of anyone... I'm just reticent to try and sort out the confusion... and there's plenty of other places... until the Feds obey their oaths...

Then there's Ol' Murph... that lil' Irishman is lurkin' around somewhere... not much sense in giving the lil' buzzard easy material to work with. :o)

We've got a budget figured out... that, if Things went straight up right for a while, we could still make the Alaska II journey if Diesel hit $5 bucks... OUCH!!!!!!

But just driving 9,000+ plus miles ain't much good if you can't DO anything else but drive on  through, 'cause  the cost of fuel has consumed your purse, leaving nuthin' to stop and make any side trips, and actually SEE the country you're passing through . So, we continue to stew over the possibilities...

...and it's more than just a trip for me anyway... it's the whole Philosophy behind everything I do these days...

Thing is... do I fall back into that conditioned trap of letting other folks... whacked out dictators of middle eastern sand boxes, greedy oil barons, dis-loyal, corrupt, politicians and other varied and sundry parasites... along with a foundering society in general, dictate my life to me?

Do I let them, with their twisted reasoning and phony conditioned guilt trip piled on top of guilt trip seize the remainder of my life, now that I've torn it loose from their cancerous grip?

or... do I just say; "Stand back boys... and ya'll won't get hurt!" :o)

Uh... likely... if ya'll have been 'round here any time... you already know the answer to that... It's likely one of the cornerstones of my whole dang philosophy of life... That being...

Your own, personal Dreams and Ambitions, take precedence over everything else...

You own your life... and No One Else... If they have to lay some guilt trip on you about duty, responsibility, or being a productive citizen baloney... those are the warning bells that you are being conned. The sweeter they make it sound... the smoother the con man is who is talking... I for one, am not here as a profit center... for anyone.

That "stuff" ... Soh-si-uh-Tee tries to load you up with... that IT comes first... is a bunch of fertilizer best left on the garden...

Yeah... a fella is conditioned pretty much from the day he's born that you serve others FIRST... and if anything is left over.. .THEN you can do what you want... with your own dang life.... The problem with that is... that the intention, by that Soh-si-uh-Tee is that there won't be anything left... but it keeps that carrot hung out there as it beats you down... THAT is one of the biggest links in its chains of economic slavery...

Here's the deal as I see it... Your First Duty... is to Yourself. Your First Responsibility... is to Yourself. You have to care for yourself First.. 'cause ain't nobody  else gonna... but... you don't do that by being a parasite yourself. You don't abandon all else.. but... everything and every one, you allow into your "Circle" must have a Mutually Beneficial impact.

It to you... You to it...

If things don't balance... one side or the other is a parasite...

Look at it this way... if you're building a brick wall... and you take the strength from one brick... to give to the others... you've created a weak spot in the wall... and a weak wall.

To erect a strong wall, each brick must possess its own, self-contained, strength... that it contributes to the 'wall' by its presence... chip away enough... from enough of those bricks... and the Wall comes tumbling down.

Society... takes much... and gives little. Demands integrity... Yet possesses None. Is perfectly willing to consume the individual... YOU... for the Benefit of the "Greater Good"... and condemns YOU as selfish... if you are unwilling to be consumed, for its convenience...

Condemns you for your resistance to being sacrificed on its altar...

If you allow people, government, society to take more than they give... you will soon disappear... just another slave on the treadmill.

Now... if you resist that... if you say; "Know what? I quit! I'm not your slave boy any more.... I ain't gonna serve anything, any more... except my OWN dreams... my OWN ambitions. If you want something done for you Ms. Soh-si-uh-Tee do... it... your... self!" ya know what's gonna happen?

Uh Huh... you'll be attacked... from every quarter. You'll be told you're inconsiderate. You're unrealistic. You're Selfish... Every vile  name in the book will be thrown at you...

Your Crime? The Simple Statement that your life... belongs to YOU... That if they want something from you... something of equal value must be given...

That's right boys and girls... if you intend to step off the sadistic, carnivorous, soul consuming treadmill that Soh-si-uh-Tee has engineered to consume your life... for ITS benefit... at YOUR cost... You'd best be prepared for the assault. This isn't a time for feelgood Naivety.

It's coming... and it will never stop. Without fresh souls to consume that carnivorous system collapses... So, anyone reaching for, striving for, a better, a finer way of living... Living in the Purity of Freedom... must be impeded. must be bullied... must be stopped.

Me? I don't bully worth a damn. :o) I suppose that's much of the reason the system don't like me... 'cause not only am I breaking Free... I'm kinda noisy 'bout my efforts to escape its chains. It don't like fellas pointin' out a trail that worked... It don't like the idea that a few more souls might could follow along and escape too... So it makes an extra special effort to slap that guy down...

And Ain't it curious that those who are accused of being Selfish... because they pursue their Dreams at the expense of their enslavement by society are accused for not surrendering their lives to the service of the complainers?... hmmmmm.... that's curious to me... "You're not serving me... so YOU are selfish?"... Huh?

You don't have to agree with me... Most likely won't. You can dislike what I say... That's pure and proper. What you can not do... is tell me How I MUST live... and impose "Takings" on my life. If You ask for help, and it's within my capability, I likely will... How-some-ever... You tell me You're Taking it... Taking a piece of Me... that it is YOUR right and MY duty... Oh Lordy.... we're gonna have us a Difficulty.

Freedom Sure Gives a Guy a Whole Lot of Wind... Don't It? :o)

Just Rambling On

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Anonymous said...

One blogger up in Nevada agrees and is giving you a virtual standing ovation. Well said!

Brian said...

Thank You :) I'm Glad when folks let me know that if I'm nuts... I'm not Nuts alone. :-)

Myrddin said...

Naw, you're not a lone nut. There's lots of us out here. We just don't have the where-with-all to come up with all those fancy words to express ourselves like you do. ;-)

Good post,


Anonymous said...


I like it when you get a good righteous anger going. And even when you do, you continue to be polite.

I'm in your corner, too, about the sacredness of freedom, and on the distinction between being asked to help (being given the opportunity to choose generosity), on the one hand, and, on the other, freedom and resources being taken away from us by those who presume to know best how everyone else needs to live, and how everyone else needs to spend their energies and money.

The control-freak do-gooders of the world make my blood boil, too.


Penny and CJ from said...

Oh my Lord. So true in so many ways!

For us, it's primarily homeschooling, self-employment and traveling "too much".

It's like we get attacked because everyone else is afraid to go for their dreams and live their lives. Why should we be able to if they can't?

Well who says they can't? And why does there have to be only 1 way of living and being?

Wish I had your words though. =)

Have fun and stay safe,

cc said...

Brian: Sent newspaper clippings from El Paso Times/newspaper in Dec (to RV friend in Prosser, WA-we both spent Jan-Feb in "Q") killings in Juarez, MEX. [4 miles S of our home in El Paso for 30 yrs]

Also, sent him El Paso Times approx same date (same letter) re-El Paso is #1 safest city in USA. [google for confirmation on both articles]. cc

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, You can go to Alaska on very little money besides fuel and food. Alaska is the most friendly RV boondock state. We have been in 47 states with our rv. We went almost 10 years ago and could stay in RV parks. I am the 72 year old with a Class A Monaco.

You can also get a discount from Tesoro gas stations. Make sure you ask at the first station you use. Some also have free rv wash stations. Also see

I have detailed notes on the trip we took. Frankly, after much research and comparison, I think the route we took maximized the benefits of going to Alaska.

There are many, many places to boondock; especially because you have a motorcycle. (I had a Triumph in 1958 – yes, I am old.) You can leave your 5th wheel and truck and no one will know whether you are “there” or not. I can let you know of some super places — one in particular is one of the greatest places on earth – not to brag – but we have been in many countries and places and Alaska is among the top 3.

The particular place I am thinking about allows you to watch as the sun circles a mountain..... you stay up all night (from about midnight til 3 AM) .... you will never forget it.

In many cases you simply have to ask: “Can I stay overnight in your parking lot?” In most cases the answer will be yes.

The Fred Meyers in Soldotna is known for allowing you to stay indefinitely. Yes, indefinitely.
They have fresh water and a dump as well. And — BONUS — fishermen clean their catch on their property and have so much extra fish they have been known to give it to people watching them clean the catch — hard to believe bit true. Free salmon already cleaned !

The real “highpoint” is to schedule yourself to be in Hyder, Alaska / Stewart, BC late in the summer when the salmon are running. You will be able to see bears within 100 feet, as well as eagles. Plan to stay there a week. Salmon Glacier is right there as well — a great ride on a motorcycle. You won’t believe it.

There are also several thermal pools.... not to be missed... especially good for what ails you.
The only caveat: don’t fill or use water in any campground in these areas .... you will get stinky water.

I can roughly detail my route via these notes....