Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Unexpected RV...

Way back in 1968 or so my step father bought a used Mustang Convertible... the only car that stayed in the family for more than a couple years...

I drove that car all over Tucson... doin' things with it... ya ain't supposed to do... including getting it likely a foot or 18" off the ground running the Whoop-de-dos out East Speedway at 70 miles an hour or so... Bad CowBoy! :o)

*The Old Mustang restored to Top Shape*
That car passed on a couple years back to my sister and brother-in-law... who have kept it in tip top factory condition...

It was fun to see the old car sitting in amongst all the custom cars.

Hmmmm.... wouldn't one of these Ol' Rigs be a slick Toad? :o)

We walked around for a while... looking at all the cars at this small car show...

... and... then found the Mystery RV down at the end of the line... This was one I've never ever seen before.

This Ol' Ford was originally built in 1952.... a good year! It struck me that an enterprising individual who built something similar today... would sell a million of 'em!

*1952 Ford and Kompac Sportsman Camper*
*Kompac Sportsman Camper*

Everywhere I look I see more and more of the resurrected lil' Tear Drop campers... This lil' rig would fit right into that market don't you think?

The boat comes off the top... where I guess you erect a frame and canvas roof... and the boat goes in the lake! Sweet Lil' rig! :o)

The rest of the cars... might not be prime Toads :o) , but... you'd sure get a lot of attention in the campgrounds!

*Hmmmmm... a Classy Tow Rig?*

*Dragging this Toad Behind your Motorhome would get some attention!*
It looks like we'll be rolling again Tuesday... or so... Never know till I look out the windshield and see the truck moving! :o) I've got chores to finish before then... so I'll go get at 'em...

One thing... There were several comments left on yesterdays post...

Wow... You guys really need to back off... My head swells any more and that sucker is gonna pop! :o)

Thank You... Your words provide me a deep feeling of satisfaction and worth... that I don't have the words to describe. Thank You.

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Gaelyn said...

I had a '65 Mustang convertable that carries many memories. But the best car I ever owned was a '68 Mercury Cyclone Cobra Jet, fastest "girl" car in HS.

Don't let the comments go to your head.

Blars said...

My family had one of those boat-topped trailers for a year or two when I was a kid. The boat was too wide to row easily. I think they were made in southern oregon in the late 50's.