Thursday, October 7, 2010

Made it a Camp and Chore Day

 Been in this camp most of 7 days now... with just one more night before we Move camp...

Spent yesterday mostly 'round camp...  cleaning up all the things that seem to start scattering when you sit in one place for a while. Moved a few things to better storage locations; funny how you can keep on tigthening things up as you travel...

In this case, I finally found a pair of water jugs I've been looking for... that all the Wally Worlds along the way have been out of... Walmart in Cortez finally had 'em! I'd discarded the jugs a while back, that I had been using. They were just a pain trying to pour into the rig...  I "tested" another from wally world and it worked fine... when I went back to get the rest... They'd been out! sheesh!

Well, of course, adding those last two 6 gallon jugs meant moving some other things around... It gets to be like pushing a rope... move one thing... and 3 others get pushed out of place. :o)

With all that done, chores continued with an hour or two, cleaning up the Red Head. Her saddlebags needed some attention as well as a lil' chrome polishing all around...

Then, with another thunderstorm threatening, we rolled down to Durango to do laundry... Not sure how... but we Always find the worst laundromat... first. And maintained that tradition this time. Over priced and dryers that only stir your clothes...

The only thing that seemed to get hot in that place... was the place itself. Thought I was in a freakin' sauna!  Probably could have saved the dryer money and just laid the duds out on the counter!

It don't seem right that after we paid maybe 25% more than the last place we washed up, for the washers... we should have our clothes as wet as they went in after drying for most of a half hour.

So... we hauled the wet duds Home and decorated the fiver with laundry needful of additional drying before we can pack it away...

Ya gotta love laundry day... maybe that's why I'm gettin' so good at sayin'; "Hell, those jeans don't look 1/2 dirty!" :o)

Not like up in Wyoming... just spray your duds down with water as you wear 'em... step outside and the wind'll knock the dirt right out of 'em... as it sucks out the water!

We'll be packin' up today in preparation to move on west a ways, tomorrow morning... Makes for an easier day, if we're packed and ready today... and mostly only have to hitch and roll in the morning.

That, and I want to get the Raider loaded, as soon as things dry from last night's rain... and before today's afternoon showers.

I've never run the bike up the ramp wet... and would just as soon not find out how it works in the rain. :o) ... so... hopefully the clouds will break here in a little while, as they have for the last 7 days... and I'll get the Yamaha rolled up on the truck.

This is the way to move I do believe. Slowly. Haul a short ways, 75 to a 150 miles maybe, and then stay put for a while, day tripping or just doin' chores, or hobbies and camp activities right there in camp...

It's a fine way to live, and saves a pretty good bit of cash to boot for us Less than Flush RV Boondockers. :o)

Now that we've been back on the road for a bit, I think I'm starting to get back into the routine/rhythm of Boondocking... We've been playin' it safe for a bit, using just the N.F. camps, which at 1/2 price for us, all things considered, is hard to beat... and helps avoid that Murphy bugger.

I think, now that the rhythm is returning... and getting out on that desert country to the west, we'll start to hunt up a few full, straight up, no improvements, RV Boondocking camps in Dispersed Camping Areas... and that'll save another $4.25 to $7 a day!

Jeeze... what a cheapskate I'm gettin' to be!

Yondering Somewhere in The West!

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Sharlotte said...

Have a safe wandering day tomorrow. Take pics of all your wandering. So happy for both of you. That lady looked good on that red headed bike of yours, better watch out, or she just might steal it. LOL You go girl.

Rex Kusler said...

Glad to see, after all the years following this blog, you're finally out there enjoying the good life. Great photos so far. Now a lot of the rest of us can live vicariously through your wanderings.

Rex Kusler

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, Just a thought... since you have so many readers... why not explain where you are heading in a little more detail and ask your readers to suggest their best boondocking place near where you want to be.
Len has boondocked in the general area where you are and has listed his boondocking spots in some datail... might need to read and make a list... but it would be good information. ernie

Brian said...

Thanks Sharlotte... But ain't NOBODY takin' my Bike! :o)

Rex... Many Thanks... and hey... I just loaded "A Matter of Honor" into Amazon today (10/07)... and I've got you to thank for pushin' me that way too! :o)

Ernie... Great Idea! I know Len... went back and looked at a few of his posts... and another reader sent me some info... and I do need to maybe be a lil' more "Detailed" about our direction... :o)

Adnama said...

I hear ya - on the cheap. if you can get to a good spot and keep the price of a Fancy Latte in your pocket - life is good and the cheaper I can watch the sunset and sunrise the better it makes it :>)