Friday, October 8, 2010

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are doin' the Job! A Matter of Honor is Published Big Time!

My Novel "A Matter of Honor" went live yesterday in the Amazon Kindle store... and at Barnes and Noble my whole darn ebook collection is now available... :o) and they even sold some... on that first day! :o) enough for some of the Fancy Coffee at Starbucks!

So... if you're a fan of either the Kindle... or the Nook... they're available for you... sure and easy! ;o)

If I wasn't such a shy an' retiring guy... my head'd be swellin' up like a beached codfish on a hot July day! :o)

If a fella ain't careful... he could go to thinkin' he was some punkins... what with his name splashed all over... like he was some sort of a high class author or somethin! :o)

No worries here... I'm confident you guys 'd bust my balloon if I got to bein' all hoighty toighty with my elevated status in the world. :o)

But it is pretty sweet, seein' my Big Book published there in the Amazon Kindle Store. It's been a long piece of work. And mostly a deal of overcoming the fear of crashing... when you put so much into a thing... the safest thing to do with it is nothing... you can't fail if you don't hang it out there right? :o)

Well... Take off and Sail... or BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZPPLATTTT! ... crash and burn... I took the big breath and put it out there...

I have Rex Kusler to thank too. He put me on to smashwords as well as coached me to take the Leap to the Amazon Kindle store... along with Froggi Donna and all you others that have encouraged me to do this deal.

So... If any of you have a dream sittin' in the back of your head... that "someday... if the time is right"... well HEY!... That time is right freakin' NOW People... It's Always... Right NOW!

The time ain't ever Right... unless you make it so...

We didn't have the dinero to just up and leave on this journey we stepped off on... but, we did it... and here I am... tap tap tappin' on this keyboard... sittin' in Hovenweep National Monument... flat butt busted... livin' on Beans and PB&J... and dreamin' of Amazon makin' it possible to have Walmart Hot Dogs more'n twice a week! :o)

We're doin' just fine! ... and so will you!

Yondering somewhere in the west
... and currently camped in the Utah Desert at Hovenweep National Monument

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Sharlotte said...

So good to hear from you. Am not familiar with the area you are in, but I am sure it is beautiful. When you can tear yourself away from those keys, take some pics and post. Since I got a new Nook for my birthday, then I am interested in getting the novel you are working on now. Already have a hard paper copy and a Smashbook copy of your other works, so am waiting for the next one.

Bobbie said...


Rex Kusler said...
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Box Canyon Blogger said...

Keep on fulfilling those dreams, Cowboy... You never know where this road will land you unless you try.
And you are certainly a "Trier." God gave you some big brass ones for sure!