Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, I know... But What Can I Say?

Couple folks have slapped my hand for whinin' an' grousin' a bit... and sure, I know, a LOT of folks can say; "What in hell has that fool got to complain 'bout? let him walk around in my world for a day!" ... and it's true...

But... you got to have some understanding of the sit-chee-a-shun! :o)

Ever'body who knows one... Knows... the natural, built in, part of their genes, how they live and breathe, way of a Soldier - or - a Cowboy, is to complain 'bout how things ARE... and how much better they'd be if all those folks dumber than him (the leadership above him and nearly ever'body around him)... would just do as he says! :o)

Now... ya'll got to take into account a couple of things... that Soldier and That Cowboy... Volunteered for where they're at... and, since I was both... just how smart can that bugger be? :o)

... and the second thing to keep in mind is that part 'bout the natural way... Ya see, it's a venting mechanism... Don't matter how much worse most other folks have it... that Cowboy/Soldier builds up internal pressure steady as the Wyoming Wind... and since Human Hide only stretches a certain amount... if nothing is done, it's only a matter of time... 'till it ruptures...

He'll complain 'bout the rain on Monday... and then how freakin' hot it is on a Sunny Tuesday... all resulting in a collection of pressure...

Now... if'n that pressure don't get siphoned off in some manageable way... 'bout that second or third week... his hide has reached it's terminal stretching point and catastrophe is imminent!

Stand Back People!

You'll hear 'bout it on the morning news; "A local cowboy/soldier was having coffee and a muffin this morning at Starbucks ... (Hey, we may be whiners but we do got so-fisti-kay-shun!) Witnesses said, with little warning he suddenly, spontaneously, Detonated!... BLAMMM!

"Hear now from a woman who was sitting nearby; "It was awful... just dreadful! He just started grunting and twitching for only a few seconds... and then... it happened. Oh My God... he went everywhere! It's all in my hair... my dress is ruined!... I've never seen anything like it!"

So... you see... all that noise and smoke from such fellers is really just their constant effort to save all you folks from the trauma of havin' to clean up the mess! :o)

All Vented and Ready to Roll! :o)

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