Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait!

Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! Waiting!... I hate it! I feel like I'm back in the freakin' Army. Hurry up and wait soldier!

The problem with waiting on much of anything is that it gives somebody like me... somebody who overthinks everything... waaaaay to much time to take a good idea... and turn it into a cowboy wreck with second thoughts and fixing what ain't broke. :o)

We're both ready to just hitch up and go... and nigh on to did! We'd pretty much decided to go with just one motorcycle... buuuuut... then, we changed that to; "I don't like the idea of sellin' off that good V Star" (that's me talkin') "so let's figure out how to load 'em both!"

Which led to conjurin' up some more Cowboy engineered Bike carrier... and the idea that I'd weld up a ramp of my own design that would do the job...

Only, of course, I sold my welder a couple years ago... back in the early days of "The Leaving" so I had to suck up to friends an' relatives; "Please help me weld this sucker up? please?.... puuuuhhhhllllllease? sniff, sniff sniff!"

And... of course... ever'body is as busy scratchin' out a living as hard as anybody else... so timing and scheduling becomes a big deal... which takes the shine off that idea quick!

So... I'm simplifying that carrier system, and only gonna use "store bought" pieces an' parts... and leave the Cowboy engineering and manufacturing... to somebody whose hitch itch is less intense. :o)

And... of course... don't ya know... doin' that costs dollars. :o) well, 2/3 of those parts are on the way... sitting somewhere in a UPS truck... in the meantime, we're working the point off a pencil, and wearin' out erasers, figuring how to squeeze a high dollar factory ramp into our battered lil' budget... which is made even tighter by the fact that the flatbed on our Imogene Pass climbin' Dodge... sits higher than most, so it requires a longer ramp than most for my low rider motorcycle.

Longer ramps require... of course... more of those lil' slips of green paper with the BIG numbers on 'em. :o)

But the good side is, as soon as all those bits and pieces come together, they'll bolt on quick, the rig will get loaded the next day... and we'll be RV Boondocking... FINALLY! ... 'cause we'll be too broke to do anything but boondock and Wally dock for a while! :o)

Good thing I cowboyed long enough for us to get good at survivin' on peanut butter sandwiches and beans!... so we will need to get down to somewhere warm enough to sleep with the windows open...

In the Final Stages of Preparation for our Official and Final Leaving!

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Anonymous said...

Brian- I am looking from the outside of course! But what I see is-- a brioken down cowboy who just cruised Alaska in normal Alaska weather(been there done that) and still smilen- and Heidi who is not 100% behind that wind blowen in her face mode- _ are you sure 2 bikes is the way to go??? I see so many 2 on the bike riders - makes me wonder! Not trying to rain on your parade! just wondering! Wish ya the best!walden creeek rv steve

Brian said...

Hey Steve... Here's the deal...Yup, the wind and the rain don't bother me much at all... fact is, there's times I love it! Especially when ever'body else is brushed up and hidin' from it! :o)

Now, Heidi isn't 100% behind riding her own... but... riding or not has been HER choice all along...

I won't say ride or don't ride... climbin' on a scooter is way to personal a choice... I won't have any part of tryin' to talk ANYONE into climbin' on a Motorcycle.

Bottom line?... she's just not yet ready to throw in the towel on riding her own... at this point she does like sittin' behind me on the Raider... and will do that - A Lot! but... she/we want to let her have the time to really give riding her own, when she wants to, a chance... at her pace, with no pressure one way... or the other... sooooo

... I get to figure out how to tie it all onto a rig! :o) How's that for windy?! :o)

Shadowmoss said...

So, Brian, go back and read where you were a couple of years ago, and what you wanted more than anything. Then read how far you got up to a year ago. Wait... you still had a ranch to sell, and other issues came along... Right now you have your rig, you have your wife, you have 2(!) lovely bikes. AND YOU ARE STILL COMPLAINING!!! Get off your pity pot and start thanking All There Is that you finally actually go to sleep in your rig, next to a beautiful woman who loves you.

/tough love off