Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hitches, Motorcycle Chocks and Fifth Wheels... Cowboy Motorcycle Carrier

Another evolution.

Got most all the parts together to get the work done... a few odds and ends yet to pick up at the Hardware store... I'll wait on those 'till we know exactly what they are...

But so far the new turn over ball gooseneck hitch unit got here, and the new Wheel Dock motorcycle chock that'll fit that big Ol' 21" wheel on the front end of the Raider... Now I'm just waitin' on my welder to get back from his errands... so we can go to burnin' steel and wrenchin'!

... and the Motorcycle Ramp which I'm hopin' for by the end of the week...

The Wheel Dock Motorcycle Chock is sitting in its approximate final location up in the left front corner of the bed... Gotta add a mount there that'll push it out 'bout 2 inches over the edge of the bed... That Raider is a one hundered and one inches... Loooong Motorcycle! :o)

I've actually got the Fiver, sittin' down on the bed in this picture... and the springs aren't quite into the overload springs... so, once I get the Raider loaded... I Should be close to bein' level and in good shape...

Don't know for sure... I may decide to add in a Firestone air suspension system sometime, if it all seems a lil' soft... I'll haul some miles to find that out... 'cause actually, once the V Star is loaded on the back of the Fiver... that weight goin' on back there, takes some of the pin weight off of the truck.

So... we'll soon see if this conflagration of a Cowboy Engineered Idea is gonna haul the freight... That bein' that fine Big Red Motorcycle! :o)

Modificating Fifth Wheel Trailers in the Great and Glorious West!

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Anonymous said...

Well my friend seems your figuring and planning are finally meeting on the back of your tow vehicle. Hope it all works out for you and Heidi we r in Arkansas at Petit Jean State Park meeting up with a fine group of women rvers that I belong to. Gonna be here a week. Lovely spot wish u and Heidi were here with us. Would give you a welcoming shot of Alligator Piss!!!! Be safe in your travels