Monday, September 13, 2010

Steel Burning is Done... and the Hitch is In...

Sort of. I still have to get out there this morning and do some wrenchin' on the bolts... and a few other odds and ends... but, I need to drain the coffee pot first, to build the ambition.

Guess the Army knew what it was doin' when it declared me unfit... and put me on the disabled list, huh? :o) Yes Ma'am... I'm feelin' pretty stove up this morning...

Yup... All that crawlin' around on my knees and the effort required to drill a whole bunch of bolt holes in half inch steel to build my gooseneck hitch, has me feelin' kind of puny today. 'Least I was smart enough to manipulate Jamie into doin' the crawlin' around underneath part of this gooseneck hitch installation! :o)

But, we got the thing put together and stuffed into the truck... now don't go cussin' cuz I cut that hole so big... that was a calculated decision... I asked myself; "Can I hit that mark so that the thing fits tight? with no space?"

The answer? "Not Likely ya half blind hairless biker!... make it big enough and invest in some silicone!" :o)

Now... if our Cowboy Engineered Custom Gooseneck Hitch don't go KAPOW! in the first six miles of haulin', I'll be in fine shape! Well, I will be... just as soon as I suck down another pot of Hot Cowboy Coffee to wash down that handful of Tylenol I just ate! :o)

So... all this effort to squeeze in the necessities of life... that bein' Two! Fine Motorcycles!...

Ya know what? Those folks Down Under have some pretty fine rigs... that I can see... to deal with those "Necessities" ! Check out this one I just found!

Tell me that ain't the slickest lil' Class C toy hauler! So, why haven't the American RV builders done something small, light, and slick like this one? Sweet!...

Now... they only need to stretch it, 'bout 3 feet... so I can load the second bike! :o)

It's nigh on to time for me to get that wrenchin' done... see ya'll down the road somewhere... SOON! :o)

Wrenchin' on the Rig... In the Great and Glorious West

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Myrddin said...

Ok, I'm not a Cowboy engineer like you are, so I gotta ask, How are you going to get that big bike up on that high truck bed? Even with a ramp, I can't figure out how you'll be able to balance it on the way up or down.

You gonna make like that Evil Kinevel guy and ride it up there?


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, who is the vendor for that new hitch assembly?

Brian said...

Well DOH! that would have been nice to mention the name huh?

Young's Products

They make that pop up head... then you have to put in whatever bracing is needed for your own flatbed...