Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Idea of Plans Was Created Just To Frustrate you...

How-Some-Ever... if you'll just breathe in... and breathe out... keep putting one foot in front of the other for a bit... and not get totally bent out of shape... there are times patience pays off.

I've gotten to where I try to just not plan too much... Helps me contend with an excess of frustration.

We left the Great Dunes Planning to set up somewhere in the vicinity of La Manga or Cumbres passes... Only, the Rio Grande and San Juan National Forests are managed for the benefit, apparently, of Campground Management companies...

Every campground we rolled past on the Rio Grande N.F.was Closed... The end of September... the weather is absolutely gorgeous and the camps are closed and locked up!

It started looking the same on the San Juan... most... and I mean MOST, of the campgrounds are already closed in the Pagosa Springs area... The excuse given me is that the "Traffic Count" doesn't make it profitable of the Mgmt. Company to keep 'em Open.

Well, the campgrounds belong to the American People... were put in place, with our tax dollars, for our use... To be locked out of 'em 'cause some corporation can't turn a buck... It's just plain Wrong.

So... that got me started to write a whiney, grumpy post... but... you know what?... NO!

This was our first view from the N.F. campsite we were finally able to locate... and had kept rolling to, because the others were all locked up...

And this boys an' girls... was the sunset, sitting in our camp... last night...

So... why bother complaining... about the many faults... of a government agency and corporations you knew going in... only want to squeeze a buck out of something that don't belong to 'em? It ain't ever changed... and ain't ever gonna... so why waste any more breath on it? Just walk away from it...

Especially when These ... are the kinds of views I'm getting from my front yard these days! :o)

Know what?... I just can't bother with that stuff any more... if they want to behave poorly that's the road they chose to follow and will reap the rewards of that choice... They'll not find me around... 'cause I'm lookin' to reap the rewards of My Choices.

My truck will have rolled me on down the road... to where there's more country like in these pictures to feed my soul.

Like others have said... they can take my money... they can even take my life if they're of a mind to... but Lordy... what a life I'll have, until they do!

We've not got a connection up there in camp... which is why there was a "day off" :o) ... and we'll be there another day or so.  Those "days off" are likely to come along from time to time as I wander... I consider those my "weekends" :o) just know I'm out gatherin' more Pictures and Shining Times!

... and, that I'm thinkin'; "I can't believe they pay me to live like this!" :o)

So.. we'll keep on wandering... takin' our walks... and wading creeks...

... and to show the benefit of waterproof boots!... I didn't have to pull off my boots and suffer the cold rocks on bare feet like she did! :o)

Till next time...

Yondering Somewhere in The West!

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Sharlotte said...

OMG what absolutely beautiful country you are finding to share with us. Keep the pictures coming. Looking forward to them.

gumo said...

Excellent photos and narration.

I am with you, Brian, on the closure of public lands at a time when they are at their prime. Same thing here in Texas but at least the state parks and national parks still have their OPEN shingle hanging out.

Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,
Glad you are finally out on the open road. Now you have experienced the need to learn more about where you can boondock for free. It is late at night where I am, so I won't try to provide all the places for you to look. But one reason so many of us have RV's is that we are self-contained. we do not need hook-ups. Time to get creative and save a few bucks. Ernie

Brian said...

Thanks Sharlotte.

Hey gumo... there's places to park... a fella just has to work around bureaucrats in the way I guess.

Ernie, we don't use RV parks... except extremely rarely. We do use N.F. Campgrounds a lot... No hookups... just a table... and then daytrip to find longer term boondock camps... without risking getting stuck! :o)