Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Been Busy... So Many Odds and Ends...

The Target Date to pull out is gonna pass on by... I think. Wanted to leave on the 6th... it's pretty sure now that the date is gonna be at least a week later... aw well... grit your teeth, bow your head... and Ride off into the Wind!

Been working on six dozen different things... I wonder if some Doc would claim some sort of attention deficit disorder? :o)

Ya'll probably have seen a few changes around here... re-worked my lil' bookstore... and a couple other things.
Turns out... there's quite a lil' "Housekeeping" I need to do around the sites.

Trying hard to avoid having to sell Soda Pop at some National Park Greasy Spoon to fill in the gaps. :o) ... Now, can't you just see that? Bald headed, tatted, Cowboy Biker waiter,sloppin' coffee and burgers all over some lil' ol' lady from New Jersey?... "Whad-a-ya mean you ordered Sprite?... Quit your whining and eat your Freakin' Yogurt fool!... and you better Like It!"

Yes sir! ... Prime, Quality, Customer Service! :o)

Getting a little culling, and more shuffling of closets done in the rig as well... trying to finish up the disrupted remodel... Selling the house was a good thing (Even with the $$$ loss)... but like I expected; Doing a remodel of a house you're living in is tough enough. Remodeling an RV you're living in is Running against the Wind... blindfolded... in a small room!

And... at the same time... We're working to get the Motorcycle Carry worked out. A couple of guys have sent me ideas through the site... and to tell the truth... while their specific ideas won't fit... exactly... they gave me the inspiration to weld up what I think will... So, Many Thanks!

... and still have more revision to get done on my Western Novel!... so I can publish that...

Sheesh! 700 mile days on the worst of the Alcan... are lookin' pretty  good right now! :o)

But... I can see that Western Horizon just off there a mite... calling to me... so I'll keep on pushin'.

Just Me... Bein' Me!

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Cindy said...

ADD sounds like a possible. LOL
Perhaps a 'priority' list starting with Most Important'? Especially the inside of HOME (before Winter!)
The internet housekeepping sounds like the least of the 'to do now' things, to me. But that's just my thoughts. You keep to whatever you can do and the two of you can live with.

Oogy's Universe said...

oh yeah, I really can see you working at a western national park, guiding tourists around national monuments, pointing out where the gunfights took place, where the cattle drives were, the pony express, and spinning yarns, making sure you tell them your books are for sell in the gift shop.

Now that might be fun for ya.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Or... leading a mule trainload of tourists down the switchbacks to the bottom of the Grand Canyon