Friday, September 3, 2010

Hear that? I do believe it's the sound of the Liberty Bell!

But First... a word for the Reader from Vancouver British Columbia who just bought a Motorhome... I was going to reply to your email... but some gremlin in my laptop disappeared your mail... If you could... resend it? so I can reply? :o)

And now... on to the bell.

Much of what I've written about here, over the last, goin' on four years, has been not so much about RVing as it has been about FREEDOM! Hell, even my Motorcycles... when I stop and think on it... are all about FREEDOM!

For me... the best way to get to that Freedom is to have an RV of some sort haul me up to the high meadow where it grows, or at least close enough so my feet can move me the last mile or three... Ever' bit as good an option... and often the better one, is to have a fine Motorcycle carry me there through the twisties. :o)

Ever'body has to find their own way of gettin' there... and I suppose... they've got to find exactly what it means to them...

Maybe that's even the toughest part... cutting away all the chaff that hides the True Jewel of FREEDOM!

For fellas like Mark an' me... the day after day drudgery of doin' the Massuh's chores... 'cause he's too busy cavortin' in Cancun... on the backs of the poor day laborers he's conned... is pretty much a verrrrrry slow, and mind warping, death sentence.

The only thing that's held us to it... or at least me... I should only speak for my self.. eh? :o) That's Canadian for "Right?" :o) See, I learned something on my last trip... Bet you didn't know there was a Canadian Language did ya?

anyhoo... the thing that's held me to it... is the sense of Honor the system builds into its' servants at an early age... or at least tries to... The sense that an Honorable man makes himself... "Useful"...

The thing about Honor is... A fella has to be a mite careful about it... It's an abused attribute... It's the best part of a man, and the most powerful weapon used to enslave him... fits right in there with "Casting Pearls before swine"...

So... when you're looking at Your Honor ... You have to make gol' darn, clear and certain, SURE, that you're simply living Honorably... and not having the finest part of yourself perverted and turned back on you as the bars of your cell!

So... what was that 'bout the Bell? ... well... work with me here... Even though we all want off the Man's Treadmill... we still want to eat; and though I want very little in the grand scheme of things, I still don't have an aching desire to live naked in the wilderness...

... and trust me... ya'll don't want to be out hikin'... and stumble upon this Ol' Geezer... Naked in the Wilderness either!

Some beans, some jeans... a simple roof over my head (preferably one with wheels under it!) and one or two fine Motorcycles... and I'm good!

So... a fella still has to produce a subsistence of some sort, in a tolerable manner, to live decent on this lil' blue marble in the Universe.

It's toward that goal I've been pushing these last three or four years. The previous Too Many having been spent, largely, drifting aimlessly... not liking where and how I was... but not seeing a Trail to follow...

So again... where's that dang Bell!!!?

For me? It's Right Here! Truly!

Writing, here on my sites, and now... with my lil' ebooks... and more ambitious projects soon to be realized... has become my Liberty Bell!

Enriching? nahhh... but... Each week that passes, the contribution to our subsistence grows a touch... and the ringin' of that Bell gets louder and clearer. It started faint and unsure... I really had to strain to tell if it was actually a Bell... or just the tinitis  in my ears! :o)

Now... I can hear that glorious ring... clearly if faintly... and I know... that if I just keep on doing what I've been doing... the music will only grow stronger.

The thing that makes it FREEDOM rather than just another Treadmill is the unexpected Joy it brings me... and that's the key, ain't it?! Finding that THING... that enterprise, that activity, that puts beans on the table... but allows you to do what feeds your Heart and Soul in the process.

... and here's something to keep in mind as You look 'round for your Thing. I hadn't any idea that the writing would be IT!... I was just flippin' through the pages... leaving my mind open allowed the opportunity to work its' way in...

So... as you're doin' your THING Looking... Consciously Keep Your Mind Open to Possibilities!

Listening to the Liberty Bell, ringing in the Distance! :o)

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

It's hard to find, "thing." I would work my butt off for it if it brought joy... for little or nothing in payment. I know for sure that the "things" I like to do... the things that bring a smile to my heart... don't pay a dime, in fact, they cost quite a bit. So I guess I've reached the above goal. Oh well, "You can't take it with you."