Friday, May 22, 2015

If You Want a More Detailed Introduction...

To my New Lakota Charger LQ that I finagled a deal on... just follow this link... and you can see all the pics of it...

The past year, and the past six months in particular made it possible. Living on beans and Ramen and not moving around near as much, to save diesel, let me work on the financials to allow me to tell a bank a good enough story to work the deal.

It's a bit of a departure for sure... Not exactly how  I wanted it to work out... but... I've got to live somewhere. The Jayco simply doesn't fit "Me" any more... and what I've got to pay every month for the Lakota... is pretty cheap rent in the whole scheme of things.

Bottom line... it's only money in the end so who the hell cares. Worst that can happen is I can turn up my toes and the bank eats it. ;)

Until then, I sleep in some pretty fine quarters... that allow me to regain a bit of who and what I used to be... and THAT does fit me.

Looks like about as soon as I get the bathroom rebuild done on the 5er I'll be hauling it to Missouri. They changed the schedule on me... again...

Got the parts picked up for the build it myself shower pan this afternoon. Looks like I'll get that total shower rebuild done... assuming the sky don't fall on me... for somewhere less than the cost of JUST a commercial shower pan.

Speaking of "The Sky is Falling"... have you heard the latest on the Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse?

Yep... Catastrophe...

The melting of the Antarctic ice... blamed on warmer ocean currents... this coming in the wake of the reports... from the SAME people... that the Oceans are COLDER than expected, showing NO warming... are contributing a HUGE amount to Sea Level Rise...

Yep... HUGE... the whole, big, flea drowning total of... wait for it... Yes .16 millimeters...

Yes, you read that right. POINT One Six millimeters. Oh.My.God. Get out the life boats. I wonder if these people ever read the things they write to have a chance of even noticing how ridiculous they sound.

Go get a ruler that is marked in millimeters... now... shave that down to 16 one hundreths of one of those millimeters... are you suitably frightened now by the FLOOD occuring?

I mean... have you seen the ocean? How in the hell do you even measure THAT... in a manner where .16 millimeters is even measurable?  What do you do? Holler real loud; "Hold still for just a second!" while you race out on the beach with a yard stick? Seriously!

And where do they measure it? High Tide in Juneau? Low tide at Normandy? The Atlantic? the Pacific?  when the moon is on THIS side of the earth or, the other?

It's freakin' ridiculous. Albert Einstein didn't have the intellect to comprehend what's going on... it's a double damned cinch Albert freakin' Gore Don't!!!

But by God! If you folks will just hand me 90 jillion dollars and most of the remains of your liberty! I'll Fix it! - That - is pretty much the distillation of what the current lying occupant of the white house is selling you...

The temp has risen 1.4 degrees in ONLY the last 400 years. The antarctic has caused a sea level rise of POINT one six millimeters... and we're supposed to lower ourselves into destitution because of... what?

...and all because... let's see... instead of 20 below zero the average temp is now... um... what 18.6 below zero?  and that sort of heat wave you know, is going to melt a lot of ice.

I'll tell you right now... so listen carefully... scientists are proven wrong every day. They reverse their positions DAILY in consequence of "New Data" and fresh understanding.

Is the climate changing? Definitely. Does ANYONE human have the capacity to understand the interrelated workings of the globes environmental systems? Definitely NOT.

That is the one thing you can take from all this... not a soul has any idea.

Take into account a simple FACT. The CO2 generated by the Human race is something less than 1% of the total generated by all the natural ecological systems... and they want us to believe that this .5 or .75% of the total is DRIVING world climate...

...and we endure colder springs and summers... Record Ice Growth at the north pole, reported by the Same people telling you the poles are melting... Polar bear population GROWTH when the "Scientists" predicted extermination. Oceans colder than they "Should" be, perplexing the "Scientists"... yet still melting ice which is expanding by their own reports, while denying that the VOLCANO under the Antarctic could have any effect on the ice, while ocean currents colder than they "Should" be Are melting the ice... ??????? 

Am I the only one who hears them talking in circles and changing their story EVERY time reality defies their story?

Here's the deal... if you hear someone telling you something that stirs your passion, your lusts... OR... someone telling you something that chills your blood... and in the very NEXT BREATH... they try to sell you their book... or talk you into surrendering some freedom... because of that Passion or Fear... THAT tells you they are scheming bastards running a Con on you.

Fear and Lust... those are the Two motivators used by salesmen and politicians to deceive you out of what THEY want, and what their Masters want.

Whack 'em with a shovel and get on about your life.

Ha ha ha... I'm going back to horse... because I'm weary of the stupidity of people who buy the STORIES of talking heads on television trying to sell them a "Mountain cabin in Kansas".

Climate change has not one thing to do with climate. It's total and complete goal is power, control and wealth. Cause enough fear and you can get unthinking people to sacrifice their very children on the altar of Political Obedience.

I'm going back to horse.


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That is a nice looking rig Brian. Good luck with the changes you are making.