Friday, April 10, 2015

A New Sidekick... Co-Pilot... Out of a Blue Clear Sky

The sure thing about life is that it never goes how you planned it out. not Ever.  If you think you're in control of it... can I share some of your drugs?

I try to sell the deal that I'm a hard sided, double tough, Cowboy Vet now-without-a-bike billy bad ass biker cowboy... yeah... don't tell nobody you know better ok?

Camp is too quiet... to lonesome... I met up with this lil' guy and that part of me that just breaks out, damn the wind and takes off of a sudden whispered; this is the way to go Cowboy... don't leave him behind...

So I didn't.

I expected trouble to start. It's some work to start a pup. I mean, a 9 week pup is like a lil' baby... right? Whoever heard of a pup like that being housebroken from the get go?

Well now you have. Tee Total house broke... all on his own from the first minute...

He's a a red tri Australian Shepherd and an ISDR dog; International Stock Dog Registry... which is where you find the Real Aussies... the dogs they were before the AKC turned 'em into all show and no go critters.

Hopefully he'll fix some of what's broke in this busters head... or at least soften it up some... we shall see.



Dave said...

Congrats! I hope he works out real well for you!

gypsyelves said...

Oh, he looks like such a good boy! As someone who used to take in Aussies for Aussie Rescue, we absolutely love these guys at our house. We've taken in 3 legged Aussies, Aussies with permanently damaged hips, Aussies with heart problems. You just can't help but love them. Hope you have many wonderful years together with your new buddy!

The Furry Gnome said...

Hope he can keep up with you!

Janna and Mike said...

He's beautiful Brian, may he provide you with many, many hours of pleasure and smiles! Just down the street from us is a female with the same coloring--she is a wonderful dog!

Unknown said...

Howdy Mr Gore! Congrats on the new puppy. Hope you have enough energy to keep up with him!

Question: What does a dog, racquetball , tennis racket, river, and a little shampoo equal? A redneck dog wash!. Sam will do anything for a racquetball and she loves to swim so we added a little shampoo and had a clean dog. We spent last week at a COE campground in Demopolis, AL. Got a cool tour of the lock after the lock-master opened the security gate thinking we were his buddy. Seems he and his buddy are Veterans too, so we got the grand tour.

We're in a KOA in Nashville now for the NRA convention. After a day at the convention and then a conversation with a couple of young guys, Veterans, staying here while partying and attending the convention gives a guy hope the the future. All is not lost, yet, even though it's a pretty screwed up world. The Good Lord, a good wife, a good dog, and an occasional cold beer brings comfort in this messed up world.


Unknown said...

Arlo is a handsome fuzz buddy! The two of you will have wonderful and great adventures! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Arlo is a handsome fuzz buddy! The two of you will have wonderful and great adventures! Congrats!