Monday, January 19, 2015

The Sun's Coming Up and It's Getting Time to Roll...

Gonna move south today. The book's done and orders seem to maybe even be picking up a bit, so that's sweet!...

... so maybe it's time to move camp and change things up a lil' bit.

Had a bit of a didoe with the scooter last week. Murphy found me again and for some reason nobody knows, one of those seals I put in the forks chose to leak after less than 2000 miles... arrrrrgggghhhh.

So... I found a shop with a good rep down in Mesa... of course, round trip that's 180 miles from here... Loaded her up and hauled her in. Bein' busy as hell it took 'em most of a week to git-er-done... Went down of an afternoon to pick the scooter up... got her loaded and hauled back to camp.

Go out the next morning to unload and that's NOT when you want to find a puddle of oil under the once again repaired forks!!! sooooooo... a quick phone call and baaaaaaack to Mesa.

I don't expect a place to get it right the first time every time. Nobody does that. But my blood pressure backs way off when the first words out of a service managers mouth when he's told there's a problem is; "Get It Back Here So We Can Make It Right."

So... That's squared away now... a few odds and ends to put away and prepare as soon as the coffee's gone and my ambition for the day is sufficiently caffeinated... and then I'll roll for somewhere 'round about Tucson... maybe as far as Sulphur Springs Valley... I've thought of Cochise Stronghold a bit...

...who knows... when it feels right... I'll take my foot off the pedal and stop.

With this most recent book completed... and there bein' a bit of time available... maybe it's time to get back to pursuing my leather shed ambitions... hmmmmm... 

*a Foggy morning on the Tonto*

*Duck couples takin' a Sunday Cruise on Roosevelt in the Tonto*
 Must be comin' on to spring... the ducks are all paired up...

*Four Peaks in the Mazatzaals*
Just a gypsy drifter

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MTWaggin said...

Such a lovely spot and safe travels to your next. Glad you got the bike fixed up and so good to know they "made it right"!