Saturday, November 8, 2014

Living and Working in the Oak Brush... Battling Technology

I can maybe hang here for another week... though the long range weather is getting threatening...

My work has been slowly coming along as I get back into "My" rhythm... There's nothing quite like living in open and natural country to restore the soul when you've allowed yourself to be mired in the tribulations of soh-sigh-uh-tee for too long.

 I sit for long hours at the table reading and editing...

While some fresh coffee is brewing... I go out and stretch my legs then come inside and get back at it... slowly my head is getting back into that place where something inside wakes up and the stories begin to flow...

*Camp in the Oak Brush*
I've come to truly believe that being in a town, or just a place where a LOT of other people are... is for me... well... a prison that eats at my brain.

Living for that matter with a lot of technology is another task my brain has a tough time with... technology has a way of worming inside you like a virus and eating up your day... It's a thing that requires constant vigilance and attention to keep under control.

I -am- a man born out of season. Living split between two worlds can be an uncomfortable situation. Kind of like straddling a board fence for too long. Your tender parts start getting juuuuust a mite sore.

Now, I have to admit, technology is also one I've few options for, considering how important that technology is to the source of my "living". The key for me might could be something akin to culling a herd. You cut out the ones that just don't measure up... If they don't add to... they take away... so they go.

With the gadgets and such... maybe we - I - need to look hard at 'em with a cold eye. Which ones add to your day and which ones just drain your energy and give nothing back? How can I get my work done while minimizing the invasion in my life of soul eating gadgets, media and technology?

... I believe... somehow, some where... there's a balance that will fit me to be found...

*Sunset on the Peaks*
... If I just keep on hunting for that secret spot where it hides... and have the will power to turn against convention and marketing... and make the choice when I see it...

*Just before the sun breaks out at sunrise*

*Just strollin' through the oaks*

*Sunset in the pines*

*Sunrise lights up the oak brush*
Yesterday afternoon I took a stroll through the country around camp... tempting all those great white hunters to mistake me for a deer or such...

As I walked along I spotted this picture and tried a bit to capture it with my GADGET phone! ;)

I was wanting to use it for a status update on another bit of that DANGED technology... My FB writing/publishing page...

I swear... it's like heroin... or a fishhook... once it's got it's barbs dug in... that damned technology is a misery to get broke loose from!!!

anyhoo... So... I took this picture... and a short minute later... CLICK!!! an idea came busting out, conjured itself out of that photo that had me running... ok... walking fairly quickly... in as straight a line as the oak brush would allow... back to the rig so I could scribble that idea down before it slipped away in my technology/media addled brain pan.

I've been stagnated for too long with my books. Having that lil' bit of an Epiphany drop by and blow out that stagnation, producing a great and revitalizing change in the direction of my second series in the process... one that I think will also stretch my writing - was a welcome visitor to this camp.



Unknown said...

I find it amazing how just a tiny something can spark a great idea...that's talent for you! Lovely photos you see and share.

Unknown said...

I know all about that and agree 100%.

Say for those times when you need to 'jot it down' write an email list in your phone gadget. save it as a draft and edit it at will, keep it as a draft. Works for me!

MTWaggin said...

Indeed it sounds like you are getting back into your creative groove. Enjoy it and revel in it!