Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Me and The Weather... and I Don't Like Being Pushed Around...

A quick lil comment on the Technology post of a few days ago and then right back to today's effort... Wayne mentioned how he uses an email on his phone as sort of a "notepad" that he can keep and edit as needed... well... yeah... except that my BEST ideas seem to come when I'm rolling down the road looking through a windshield.

I can't write notes to myself when I'm shoving a rig down the road... and it seems by the time I can find a place to pull over to scribble; PFFFFFT! the idea is gone anyway! Buried up by the next idea in line flashing in my head! not to mention I'd never get anywhere if I had to stop ever'time an idea popped up...

yeah... it's often like a kaleidoscope inside this brain pan of mine... what with the flashing lights of ideas poppin' off all over the dang place!

So... in that fancy costs-to-much Samsung Galaxy gadget of mine there's a "Voice recorder" bit... so... I can roll on down the road recording whatever ideas and story lines come to me as I sit staring out the windshield while I keep on getting where I'm going at the same time!

Yeah... I think I'm kinda hopeless when it comes to gadgetry... excluding them is an enterprise unlikely to meet with much success ;)

 We now return you to the irregularly scheduled cowboy writer nonsense...

Yeah... so a big reason I turned to tuck back into this lil corner of Colorado for a while was because this country brings to mind, for some reason, the country I write about in my Jeb Taylor series...

It's juniper and oak brush, pines and tall mountains... and the folks around are a lot of what's left of that world. So... here I came.

*Another sunset on the peaks to the north of camp*
The first few days here I spent reading and editng the first twenty chapters or so that I had written of the next book in that series. The idea of doing that here and now was to get myself back "in" to the story...

It was after I'd gotten those written that I fell into kind of a writing funk... I don't know... when I'm surrounded by the sounds of trucks and airplanes... tractors and a soh-sigh-uh-tee that I've always had difficulty fitting into... my inspiration can have some trouble breaking out and telling a story.

So... going back up to the "front range" zoo for the summer... turned out un-conducive to fermenting the machinations of a fevered cowboy writers brain. ;)

*sunset view through the Mancos oak brush*
Basically, I think I needed to get back into country where I could fence out the majority of those distractions and focus on the work. The sweet part of that is, once I succeed in immersing into a story that fence gets taller and thicker and all those distractions lose their power and fade away.

It's as if the tale comes alive in my head. I can feel the wind on my face coming off the mountain and the rocking of the horse under me. I can hear the voices and SEE the faces in my mind... as if I was right there.

I don't have to write the story any longer. I only need copy down a description of what I see. Damn... talk about "I hear voices!" ;)

*storm clouds building*
Ha ha... I expect there's a guy with a fancy office and diplomas hangin' on the wall that could tell why that's bordering on some sort of an insanity syndrome or some such. I bet he's got just the drug to prescribe to "fix" me too... buuuuut... I do believe I'll keep that feeling I get when I'm writing... as my OWN private pharmacy! ;)

Well it worked! Fixed a "problem" in an early chapter, got my "head" back into the weird "reality" show running inside my brain and been making solid progress.

So...The only problem here, is getting to be the weather. A common problem this time of year... How long does a guy push it? See... I'm hesitant to pull out with things singin' along... buuuuut... that Canadian express that's froze up the country north and east of here is tickling this area a mite as well.

I'm sitting on the SW fringe of it I guess. While it's been down right furnace exercising chilly at night the days had been pretty fine. Now today it's broke off cloudy with some chance of rain tomorrow and Friday... but then "nice" again.

For a short they talked of snow flurries too... but now just 20% for rain again... the weather man can't make up his mind... He keeps jabbing me; "Time to get out of the mountains cowboy"... buuuut... that Jeb Taylor story keeps prodding me to stay at the keyboard and get it put down... so what's a fella to do?

Figuring to hold out here till some time Friday or maybe early Saturday to start rolling again... trouble is... I always fear getting out of sync again and having to struggle to find that looking glass again to jump into my Wonderland. ;)

We'll see what happens...

Wondering and Wandering


Jack said...

I'll bet Jeb Taylor would push back and risk the cold and maybe some snow! I'll be buying your book (hope it's on Kindle).

The recorder is a brilliant idea. I often wondered why my blogs aren't as detailed as my diaries are when I traveled with Rich. So often, I remember something about my solo trip and wonder why it wasn't included in my blog--that's why. By the end of the day, I'd forget to write about many of the things I did and saw. Thanks for the tip.

I don't know why I didn't think of it. I remember purchasing one of my granddaughters a hand held recorder when she went to college so when she studied she could refer back to the lectures from professors.

Beautiful pictures.

The Furry Gnome said...

Kaleidoscope brain! I can relate to that. And to how the writing just pours out once you get your brain in the right place - mine has been distracted for far too long.

Brian said...

Jack; All my novels are available on kindle, and on nook... also Sony, Apple, Diesel, Kobo... a few others or you can go straight to smashwords and pick one of Several different formats including PDF :)If you load the FREE Kindle app on your phone... Oh Lordy there's that Technology stuff again! ;) you can cut down the number of "Gadgets" you have to have and just read on your smart phone :)

Unknown said...

Well yep you are right. I guess the use of both can be in order!! Geesh, I can see me trying to keep track of where 'it' is I 'put' 'it' in the Samsung gadget.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a real catch 22- 'Do I Stay or Do I Go'. Gettin' 'chilly' way down here I bet it IS cold there.