Monday, September 15, 2014

Discombobulated Goin' Interfering with the Gittin' Gone...

The coffee's on and the sun is rising... too much junk from sitting too long is still scattered about. There's several chores to be finished up this morning before we can hitch and haul. Always gets left to the last minute... But... I'll get haulin' whenever my wheels start turning.

It's a rare occasion we get a really early start, but we don't usually go too awful far in a day anyway so why rush around?

The end of this day we'll be one of three places... somewhere in Wyoming... somewhere in Nebraska... or ... somewhere in South Dakota. It all depends on how late our late start gets... and which way I turn when I get to the junctions where a decision has to be made.

There's an agate fossil bed monument in Nebraska that might be interesting... and a couple of monuments, memorials and National as well as State parks in southern South Dakota along our way.

The roll will be mostly avoiding the super slab. The early "plan" is to follow along the track of U.S. 85 as it winds it's way north. There's a good long stretch where it follows the course of the Cheyenne to Deadwood stage... Maybe that would tickle my imagination a mite and get a few words stacking up for a story...

I better get to goin' if I'm gonna be gittin' gone


Anonymous said...

Man I can relate. We are waiting for an air compressor for the PacBrake. But even with that, we are dragging our feet and doubt we will get an early roll on Thursday. Safe travels.

Unknown said...

Howdy Mr Gore;
We'll be headed south to Ft Collins Wednesday afternoon, then to Valentine on Friday, Red Cloud, NE, on Saturday, then down to New Orleans on Sunday/ Monday. Be in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area for a couple of weeks.
When are you guys leaving?

Brian said...

Mike... we left Monday morning... over near Custer now, heading toward Sydney