Sunday, September 7, 2014

A long sit in a funk of confusion playing an assigned "Role" held in place by guilt trips and... Insanity

It's been a while since I stirred the pot. Some might think I do it for that purpose, just to provoke people. I swear... Keep reading... I Vow... there IS a way forward and a light at the end of the tunnel.

The truth is, it's what I need to do for myself; to keep the proper perspective clear in my vision... to blow away the smoky haze the system uses to hone its ability to manipulate the ignorant masses for its benefit.

Its hope is that if you lose your vision in the fog it creates... it will be easier for "it" (the system) to say... "There. There is what you were seeking. That's the direction you were trying to go"... and then, pointing off into the haze, mislead you into the trap of Its agenda.

I look around the world so many years after the latest promised "Change" and the only change I see is ever greater division. Always remember... division benefits ONLY the powers that be. It prohibits the formation of any force strong enough to challenge it.

It is fed by ever greater governmental incompetence painted over with the cover of slick words and hollow something-for-nothing promises... all in an environment of economic stress, racism, nationalism, twisted religious fervor and statistics so twisted, falsified and misinterpreted, that no sense can be be gained from them and no trust placed on them.

The battering comes from countless directions with such rapidity that anyone listening and trying to make some sense of things is quickly beaten into submission by sheer exhaustion from the volume of the endless cacophony.

The economy is failing, the food is poisoned, the air is toxic, the frequencies of your cell phone cause brain cancer, the terrorists are coming, the mexicans are coming, Hillary is COMING!!!

Chicken little raises the volume claiming "the sky is falling", "The poles are melting"... "I need More taxes, More regulations... MORE POWER to Save you from this Crisis!!!"... ALL amidst a contradicting flood of statistics that show the earth cooling for the past two decades and record ice growth the past two years.

To anyone who backs off far enough to take in the "Big Picture"... all the noise and confusion follow an ever clearer pattern. Any time ANYONE coalesces into a "group" of clear thinking, pragmatic people bent on actually accomplishing anything good... they are demonized and vilified unceasingly; Until the lies told about them, so easily disproved, become the accepted truth.

Why? Because anyone coalescing into a group with any significant power... Threatens the "Status Quo" of the powers that be... and THAT will simply not be tolerated. The powers that be run too deep. Their powers to propagandize and punish resistance are too great.

The ability or even the willingness of the people (most often Sheeple) to see the truth and reality of the "Man behind the curtain"... is virtually non-existant. The people want to believe the Lie... because the truth requires them to conquer their fears and commit to a horrendous amount of work.

So.. following their avoidance of that fear and work... their reasoning leads them to enlist in absolute insanity.

Around the world people seem determined to repeat the holocausts of the "War to End All Wars"... and the conflagration of the "Greatest Generation"... The more recent Holocausts of Korea, Vietnam, Ruanda, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Iraq, Afganistan, the list goes on, have failed to keep the lessons of history in clear view.

Gaza, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iraq are all in flames. Much of Africa is on fire. The virtual civil war in Mexico has been bounced off the front pages. Repeated and accelerating terrorist bombings, compounded by economic distress in China fostered by the economic stress of the rest of the world... is forcing the age old solution of Tyrants. Find a "Threat" Outside of the country... and so you see ever greater "conflict" with China...

Putin is on the march invading sovereign nations with little more than a slap on the wrist. Crimea, Ukraine... others cower in fear . Sure, they were once held by force of arms within the old Soviet Union. But... why do so few understand that you can not impose "Freedom" and "Protection" on Other people by shelling their cities and families into rubble and horror?

Why can no one see that what YOU think is just that... what YOU think.

You Can Not... Impose your beliefs and desires for life on ANYONE... and then speak the words... "I live in pursuit of Freedom"..."I'm here to protect you"... and then blow their world into oblivion. You make a LIE out of the word; FREEDOM.

But then, those that do such things are not and never were proponents of Freedom. They are tyrants hiding their quest for power and subjugation behind the most beautiful thing in Human Existence.

So... what has all this human stupidity got to do with me?

The world is not going to change. If you stand up and try... if you stand up and try to take the power away from those who rule and manipulate you... as soon as you gain their attention... they will crush you...IF... if you play THEIR game, on THEIR field, by THEIR rules.

ah.. there lays the funk and confusion... What can you do?

Ha!... your confusion can nearly be cleared up with one lil' meme... if... you back off, slow down, breathe slow... and THINK about it...

and maybe... the words and ideas of a couple of others...

Don't try to change the world. Change yourself... but only allow that change to be; Moving quietly away from what you are TOLD to be... and be who you are when you look into your soul.

Don't poke the badger... just stop playing on its field. Turn your back on the phony, Hegelian, politics that promise much and deliver little...

Do... pursue your passions and your creativities... reach for the things that feed your soul and put joy in your life. They counter balance the garbage the system tries to demoralize you with. Turn off the "system".

Do... Turn away from the never ending droning of Media that only works to use sorrow and crisis to herd you to the place they want you to be, so they can suck the profit and power out of you. Focus and Use the media to provide you with only those things that benefit you. Only those things that Uplift your spirit... Turn away from that negative, spirit crushing noise I enumerated above...

Do... collect what you need and shun the rest.

Do leave behind those that belittle your dreams and obstruct your efforts. Hang tightly to those who say; Go For it! I've got your back... and then jealously guard theirs.

When you're feeling most beat down... know that your fatigue is deliberately induced as a tool to control you... and from where it comes... know where it comes from so you can turn it off! You are being played with propaganda... go out and use the words of those men in the memes to help hold your focus... while you Create Your Own "Music" to drown out that negative noise...

I leave for the Beet Harvest in a bit over a week... It is the first step in a return to Me. The first step in going back to "not giving a shit what anybody thinks"... except for my own thoughts about "Me"...

The first step in abandoning "dogma" and "other people's thinking"...

My presence and participation on FB will see a sharp decline. My conversations regarding politics, religion, race, nationalism et. al. will nearly vanish. Only those things with direct impact on me, and my efforts at escape and evasion of the dogmatic coercion of soh-sigh-uh-tee will be shared.

I am going "Home"... Maybe my stumbling steps will help somebody else find an easier trail.

Yeah... a long winded sermonizing. But this IS me... so what's new? ;)


gypsyelves said...

As always, a great post. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. You sure make a lot of sense to me! Good luck in your next adventure, and I hope it's a good one!

pondputz said...

Amen Brian.

I am starting my journey at the end of this month, after 20 years of self employment, and paying through the nose to the political gods, being forced to move the store location 2 times. by the county dynasties, enough is enough.
Who is John Galt ...

Janna and Mike said...

Brian, the cowboy and I so enjoyed reading this blog. You put our thoughts into the words we can't seem to find. You put our thoughts into the words we can't seem to get across to our friends and family. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

100% Ditto. We roll in a few days, FB and the news will be turned OFF. I had forgotten how much of a downer the News can be.

Funny, we are thinking of much more dispersed camping next spring / summer... RECOVERY.

Good luck with the beet harvest. Safe travels.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your words, Brian. I truly HEARD and feel the same. Better description than I could ever come up with...Safe travels to beet harvest and then HOME!!

MTWaggin said...

Well said!