Sunday, February 9, 2014

There's a Steady Sound in the Rig... Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap

What can I say... the excitement around here has been... tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap... sounds a little like one of those annoying drippy faucets...

I sort of wonder, since you can hear voices from other rigs pretty easy in these tight little campgrounds... what people think when they walk past this rig... and hear a guy apparently talking to himself. :) (I read my work back out loud as I'm writing) I expect some folks think that OTHER folks have been spending too much time alone! :)

... especially when what I'm reading back to myself is an argument between two or three people! Bwahahahahahahaha!

I've been making steady progress on The Horsemen which will be #3 in the Jeb Taylor series. Still pushing for an April release... looking more like LATE April. :)

There's not a terrible lot to write about someone who's been spending the greatest amount of a day... sitting on the couch with a lap top on his lap... surrounded by notes and papers... writing.

Buuuuut, no matter how a guy might feel the need to keep his nose to the grindstone and do his "work"... he does still have to stand up... walk outside in the sun and stretch his legs a few times a day or his brain turns to this ugly green goo...  There's more to life than work... even if he has a real liking for his work.

In the interest of walking a bit... Pima County Fair Grounds has a Free RV show going on now... but you know me... walking around gazing at double axle motorhomes with basements bigger than my worn out Old Jayco and mortgages that look to me like the national debt are not what toots my whistle... even if some lunatic banker could get talked into financing the deal for an even greater nutcase refugee mountain cowboy... who would have to borrow a dime to rub two nickles together. ;)

That and the inner motivation to somehow get smaller, lighter (on both the road and the wallet) and somehow simpler... just has gotten me looking at the new and flashy with kind of a Meh attitude. 

Did get off the grounds the other day... to find a propane refill.

Hmmmm... don't you just love it when you go to the intersection you were given directions for... to find propane... and find nothing but an intersection in the desert?

One thing I like about County Fairgrounds is walking through the barns. It's a hard thing to describe. Most likely one of those "If I have to explain it you won't understand" sort of things... but... the smell of a horse barn, the sounds in it... just the feel and Sense of it when you're in it stir memories and feelings that bring back good times...

... and set a mind to drifting and wondering...

Wondering Drifting Keyboard Tapper in the Desert


Unknown said...

"but... the smell of a horse barn, the sounds in it... just the feel and Sense of it when you're in it..."

Let's face it Mr. Gore, you're just not happy unless you're knee deep in some sort of manure. :) Although you do prefer the natural variety over the man-made crap.

On a lighter note, We're beginning to take a hard look at hitting the road once Cathy heals up. My employer is wanting me to teach more so that means travel. Don't think her back will tolerate a pickup any more so I'm leaning toward a class A or truck conversion. Thinking of buying used so someone else can eat the drastic depreciation and I can deal with the maintenance. What are your thoughts?


gypsycowboy said...

Mike; that sounds like a good subject for a windy dissertation on tomorrow's post ;)

gypsycowboy said...

Mike; that sounds like a good subject for a windy dissertation on tomorrow's post ;)

Brian said...

Mike; Not knowing what your budget is gonna be... I'd say class A... those Truck conversions would probably "Please" your tastes more, and be stronger in every way... but dang they are pricey.

Either one, I think used is the ONLY way to go. The price drops 50% or so FAST.

Nice thing about either is that depending on what kind of day she's having she can travel lots of different ways... a lot more comfortable than a pickup. Just remember you'll be wanting a toad too... :)

Unknown said...

Okay, assuming a used class "A", any idea which makes hold up and which don't? If it's a class "A" it will be a diesel pusher with a tag axle. I've put too many miles on single and tandem axles trucks to ever want a high profile single axle anything. I'm guessing the annual mileage could be as high as 60K for a couple of years and then taper to half that if work develops close to what is being talked about.

The engines and tranny's used in this size class "A" can all do a million miles with proper care, but I have no idea about the coach itself.

Just thinkin' out-loud and looking for advice...


Brian said...

I think just about any of the "A's" that have been built with a tag are of the level that construction is decent... though... they also are pretty much the "Top end" of price.

With the mileage you're talking... A truck conversion might be the best in the long run. They're cost is more up front but let's face it, their frame and mechanicals are designed for a million miles... since it IS business travel, I expect that would heavily offset the initial price...

I have the feeling that it's going to boil down to personal preference and what is found that you say; THIS one. ;)

Brian said...

oh... and as far as the "Coach" itself... structurally I don't think there's an issue... they're all pretty much a steel or aluminum framing "A" or truck conversion.

I would expect some maintenance is going to be required from all the road rattle in either type... but nothing horrendous... a loose this or that on occasion... The cabinetry in all those "High End" coaches is generally pretty good.