Monday, February 10, 2014

A Writer Puts His Words On a Page... and They Ripple Across the Net...

Mark has been writing on a subject that's been occupying my mind for some time.

I'm not sure this bit of sermonzing will make much sense. It's written from that place where the thoughts are clear in the heart... felt clear and true, yet language lacks the ability to express them.

Mark spoke of escape, and I'm certain sure that Escape is how many of my words have been perceived these many years.

Yet, escape is NOT what I'm about. Escape is not what I've ever sought, unless it be escape from pointless monotony. Life without risk, is to me, life without purpose. For, purpose is like life. It requires death to give it a space to be.

Value is a curious thing. Safety holds none of it. To love something... you must set it free... you must Risk it.

If you keep it locked up it sits unused... unrisked... worthless.

... and here... I may offend, that is NOT my purpose, intention or thought... it is just... where my own mind and heart is walking.

Many step off on the "Road" be it RV, Motorcycle or any other... and feel this rigid requirement that on that road they must remain. That if something else has caught their imagination or circumstance leads them to turn a different way, they have failed.

That's a wrong thought. It is much a continuation of the "Treadmill" mindset that held them for all their lives... and holds them yet.

I cannot criticize... I feel the same pressure of the conditioning that soh-sigh-uh-tee inculcates from birth in the interest of controlling its "Assets"... The difference maybe is, what some will call an arrogance... that though I feel the pressure... I Believe ~I ~ See Clearly... from where that pressure comes.

Do today what your heart says Do.
Go tomorrow where your spirit Leads.
The only purpose of life... is to LIVE IT.

Of what value is courage if its use is prohibited?
Of what use is life ordered to wait?
What purpose has intellect... which does not inquire?

The finest is the breath breathed deep and full...
The Shake in your legs when you challenged and won...
The life lived in pursuit... not pushed into line.

A feeble attempt to speak that for which I have no words.


Box Canyon said...

Like you I found this topic/concept difficult to express. It seems like most of the audience rolled their eyes and said "lighten up." Purpose; I need it to carry on…if I achieve one purpose I must find another, and preferably different. People don't want want to hear that the rv life has flaws just like the sticks and bricks lives they want to leave behind. The only difference is you keep moving in an rv…stay ahead of most of them with distractions of new scenery that will soon wear out because it gets a little cold, or hot, or rainy, or "discovered." My life, as I choose to live it—to the max—encompasses a good bit of pursuit of happiness…some of it in an rv, some at home…but when I say pursuit of "happiness," I mean purpose. There are empty places inside that call to be filled like the itch that can't be scratched. A new camp does nothing but kick that "can" down the road…and that's what I feel like I'm doing sometimes. Like the song says…"I need a new drug," which to me, can mean "art" as well as a different beer styling. I need a change…I need to stretch, I don't know why I can't be contented like most rv'ers with miles and miles of escapism for ever and ever. I appreciate your trying to sort through it; could just be a "writer" thing, you know, without angst it difficult to emote…ya have to suffer something in order to touch the dark spots in others and let them know they are not the only ones. I think you get that as you are likely one of them :)
Box Canyon Mark

Brian said...

Mark; It's that pursuit of happiness, that finding purpose, that drive to risk it all for one more DEEP breath that is what puts that grin on the face of those who "Get" it...

Why can't you be contented; "Like Most RVers?" ... because MOST RVers are just mobile "Treadmillers". They didn't change anything but location. They didn't change their mindsets.

You and me... Unsatisfied, we keep reaching for better. "I did that yesterday and I'm not dead... so I KNOW I can make it farther" is the idea that pushes. Most others put "safety" as the priority 1