Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is It Starting Over?... OR ... a Turn Along the Road?

Many follow the idea that once you start down any particular trail... that trail only is the one you must follow. Once you have invested time and effort, your die is cast... you have no choice but to "Stay the Course".

Seems to me, that pretty much prohibits anything that could be called learning or education don't it? I get my knickers in a knot when somebody tells me they allow me no choices... that lil' bit of arrogance is sure 'nuff the way to get on my wrong side.

Now I'm the first to say that looking at such things and making such a choice is hard. Miserable hard. That conditioning we're all subject to is tattooed on our brains. To stop and step off the trail we'd chosen is seen as failure by many.

I see it as you keep on keepin' on until you get where you're going.

Seems to me, stepping off of something that you come to see as not working... is simple common sense... and though we've enjoyed most of these past years and miles... the mathematics pretty much shows... a great big brick wall looming up in front of a speeding, aging old truck...

Make no changes and the wreck is gonna leave a mess.

Another season like this last one, and we won't just be sitting and wondering... we'll be sitting on the island in an intersection holding up a piece of cardboard.

So... an intelligent man would do something before the storm arrives... get out in front. Not wait for it to get here and then try to fix the roof in the middle of a frog strangler.

Lacking the intelligence, and a little behind timewise... all I can do is imitate those smart guys. 

If you read my "About" page on the website, you'll see that I already saw this day coming... a long time ago...

I said back then that somewhere along the road choices would get made... what I said exactly is;

It’s our thought at this point to leave the RV Boondocking adventure sort of open ended. Some time, down the road, we figure to have three ways we can choose to go.
  • Build a winter camp and just go RV Boondocking in the summer for 6 months or so.
  • Leave the road and our Fifth Wheel and go back to plain ol’ regular living……
  • Just keep boondocking on! Travel in the Fifth Wheel till we get weary of it. If indeed that is possible! 
So... it was some four years after I wrote that when we managed to finally break loose... and we've run for somwhere 'round four years since...  anyone who's been followin' along lately is aware... Our road has hit one of those forks.

In those three legs of the Forks I saw so many years ago is the trail I'll be taking. As of yet, that's still not a done deal... It could very well be that when I look back years from now, I'll find that it'll have been a mix of bits of all three and I cut a new and as yet unseen fourth trail.

There ain't no easy roads


Teri said...

I don't like the sound of "starting over". Changes happen. There are no guarantees in life. Have to be able to move and swerve and adjust to what life throws at you. And don't have to justify nothing to no-one. Just keep on going. No matter where or how.

klbexplores said...

We all have to make the best choices with the information at each moment. It is not a one time event but rather a constant readjusting of the sail or rather the wheels. Not always the choices we would LIKE to make but the ones we need to make. On to life while we were busy making other plans.

KarenInTheWoods said...

We were all set to full time it. sold the house, got rid of all the stuff, and moved into our rig. Just about ready to retire when Steve got offered a dream job. Sooooo we bought another house.

My friend Paula said: "Some times you have to wake up, roll over, and dream a different dream"

Made sense to us!

In actuality, we reduced our housing costs by 66% and if in a few years if he wants to, we can now afford to retire, travel and keep the home too.

Karen and Steve
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Lady Dyna Ryder said...

You two will know what is best for you at this time in life. Hopefully, you will keep on blogging no matter what road you take!
'The only constant is change.'

evtinker said...

Options, options, options, you have way more options than that. The lifestyle you have selected gives you many more choices than most folks. Most are plodding along in the harness with blinders on, never looking right or left just following the ass in front of them. You have taken a different path with WAY more options. Take a look around, you will see another path.