Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dusty Wings

One of the brightest and wisest fellas I've read in the past few years wrote a recent essay... that says it all, clear and plain. One line kinda jumped out at me... considering the funk of recent times I've been mired in.

"Build your wings and try…and if you fail…well then you can bitch…but you’d better be dusting yourself off and trying again or everything that you are…is wasted." Daniel Meyer

He says a lot more in the essay about people... about Soh-sigh-uh-tee... but mostly it's aimed right directly at the person reading it; and that person has no choice but to judge just which category they have lined themselves up in.

I myself sit right squarely in the middle of that been-there-done-that, flown high crashed hard, learned the hard way, don't tell ME what I have to do, took my lumps and got up bitching, haven't quit yet group of learning disabled, damaged goods, running from demons, puss gut busters that don't have the sense to ride vehicles with four wheels or horses that won't buck.

Maybe I'm old and worn. Maybe I don't bounce as high or stand back up as quick... but bounce I still do... and stand back up... I always will...

... Until the gates of Hell slam behind me and the caterwauling bellow of ol' Lucifer echo through the bars and drown the thunder in the mountains, as he bounces around the bowels of Hades... a cowboy riding him to perdition, gut hooks raking his flanks and the cowboy's call echoing off the walls of Hades; "Let 'er Buck!"

... and a freshly harvested set of oysters frying in the pan!

Less than Delicate, I'm still...

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Michelle said...

Down, but not out. Glad you are still hanging tough.