Friday, May 10, 2013

Not Knowing any Better I Went and Done It.

Overcoming my extreme shyness...

... and Since nobody threw rocks at me... at least any that got my attention :)... On top of being wakeful at Oh-dang-it's-early this mornin', I went ahead and built that NEW Cartoon section on my Main RV Boondocking site... You can find it on the Navbar there...

... or you can go straight to the page by this RV Cartoon link...

To give the page a quick lil' boost... there's a new drawing there besides the one I put up yesterday, that I colored up last night. ;)

One thing I already see that I'm gonna have to research ~ adding yet another iron to the fire! :) ... I REALLY need to learn to quit doing that! ~ is to learn a way to get those drawings linked to a larger picture of them... so that they can be blown up to allow seeing the Intimate details of the sketches. ;)

I'm limited in the size I can upload into my site building program... till then I guess I'll just have to make sure I draw 'em big enough to see!

The sun is finally shining in middle Californy again... so... We're firin' up the Big Red Motosickle... and gonna go terrorize the poor unfortunates that ain't yet been afflicted with my purty self!

Gone Huntin' down more inspiration for stories and doodles

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