Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well Dang... I Got Caught

Was walking over to where I've got the truck parked yesterday afternoon... 'cause it's Toooooooo compact in this luxurious trailer park to park by the rig. ;) ... and a fella stepped out of his rig and calls to me; "Are you the boondocking blogger?"

"Uh... I'm one of 'em!" I replied... and that's how I met Mike! :) I never thought my wore out old dented Dodge would stand out like it does! ;)

That and the Convenience and luxury of a trailer park might not be all it's cracked up to be. ;)

We pulled into the Pima County Fairgrounds yesterday noontime or so. Two pry bars and a bit of lube and we got her parked.

The neighbors pulled in a couple hours later... and had a minor pissin' contest with the folks in the next row who were backed up a couple feet into their assigned space and didn't want to move so the new folks could get backed in... All this desert and the county felt the need to build a super sized imitation of a sardine can. ;) using 40 foot motorhomes for the fish.

... and then the voluntary inmates of this asylum have to go argufyin' over what little space is left. Excellent! Not to mention the refusal of the canine adorned asphalt adventurers to pick up the bio-hazard deposits left scattered by their furry best friends all over the wide open spaces surrounding this luxurious haven! arrrrrgggghhhh.

I'm fast approaching the grumpy old man sitting on his porch with three days of whiskers, a beer and a wrist rocket tormenting all the neighborhood kids riding their bikes across his lawn ain't I? :)

A Far Country Boondocker needs to come to a place like this every once in a while... to make sure he knocks the rust off of the memory of why he DOESN'T stay in places like this! Ha Ha!

Talk about belly to butt! The neighbor on the other side kicks out their slide and my rig moves over six inches! :) I guess RV's need to cuddle once in a while too.

Buuuuuut it is convenient for our business this week... and it IS only a week... and I WAS intending to spend most of it on the Raider... and of COURSE... the weather has to go taking another Al Gore Global Warming turn for the COLDER starting Saturday.

So let's see... coming back across New Mexico a few weeks back ~ minus ten degrees ~ just a summer or so ago... we had the summer when there WAS no summer... and now we have the desert keepin' the snowbirds scurryin' around searchin' for sunshine...

I do believe the "scientists" are discovering that what they thought they knew wasn't what there was to know so they're trying to regroup and relearn about what there is around us to misinterpret as the horizon of knowledge recedes into the distance far faster than they can misinterpret their freshly minted misdirected partial data.

It's like the flea who spends his entire life on and only KNOWS three square inches of a dogs butt, writing home and telling his momma he's living on a goat.

Seriously folks... you can't measure part of a 400 year, dismembered section of a 15,000 year weather cycle and know what Madonna's phone number is! ;) or... come to the conclusion that two and half degrees increase in average is  ANYTHING... I wonder where that was measured anyway? The Sahara? The Antarctica? Fairbanks? Maui? Darwin? ...

Seriously... I've seen snow in July in Yellowstone... and boot sole melting heat a week later... which is normal? and what relevance does it have anyway? One year it's a 70 degree season. Ten years before a 90 degree heat wave... and next it'll jump around from 60 degree days to 95 week by week... how you gonna get an average from any of that that means ANYTHING?

and... and... and! if I could snap my fingers and magically turn back the thermometer in North New Mexico in early January so that it was 12 and 1/2 below... am I to believe that the 10 below was too warm for ice to remain? ... oh right... ice only melts below zero at the north pole...

... and of course... the humongous sea bottom volcano they discovered under the Arctic ice can't have anything to do with ice melting... sheeeeesh...

The thing here as I see it is this; We live on a big blue marble; the complexity of which dwarfs the ability and comprehension of mortal man to grasp. It's a lot like the Kings and the Pope telling uneducated folks in 1500 that they are the conduit from the Boss and ONLY they have an understanding of what's right, wrong, up and down... and ONLY they have the wisdom and moral authority to make any decisions of any import...

Bottom Line? All these self appointed Wise Men (spell that c-o-n m-e-n) who keep spouting their incredible nonsense have only raised the complexity level of their Bull Feces to keep ahead of the education level of the sheep they are herding, so they can maintain their positions of authority. They are the modern day equivalent of the Nobility ( now THAT is funny! Talk about double speak!)... and just as pathetically ignorant.

Studying and observing is one thing; making claims from the pathetically minimal knowledge base we actually have about US and this world is something entirely different...

Hell, they just figured out that all the claims they've been making about Neanderthals since before I was born were/are all fabricated hogwash. They've "discovered" that the buggers they thought were 35,000 years old are actually a lot closer to 50,000. Which is what? a 40% or so error?

So, all the FACTS they'd deduced from the 35,000 year old Fact that wasn't a fact, and are printed in millions of books... are now billions of pages of useless nonsense dumpster filler.

My long winded point is... We're born... we live for a while on a world we don't understand and lack the capacity to... and then eventually we ALL go on to... yup... a place that nobody alive has ever been to... and No One has ever come back to tell us about.

We've got a couple of choices. We can try to scam and control and manipulate ever'body and ever'thing around us for that fleeting instant of eternity that we occupy in this life; which is the generally accepted option... or ...

We can walk through life soaking up the sunshine... glorying in the rain... lovin' in the Holiday Inn... splittin' the wind on fine motorcycles... and seeing how much laughter we can create.

We can work as hard as we can to pay attention; and Not Allow what we do in our own existence to have a cancerous, consumptive impact on the world around us... Living or Rock.

We can be and let be.

Me? I'm for Splitting the Wind


Cindy Kingma said...

I really really LOVED your blog today, Brian!!!! It made me laugh and appreciate life and a wonderful perspective you shared about the 'blue marble' and what Man does and doesn't know about how it might work....I know you are gonna have a grand time in your spot at that Park..NOT!! :) But I certainly can see vividly how and why you will regale us in the week you are there with your interesting neighbors...LOL
Have fun away from there and it will make it easier. It IS a good reminder of why you enjoy that wide open spaces all the more. :)

Upriverdavid said...

I'll trade you Madonna's # for your "Wrist Rocket"

BamaGurl said...

Loved ur post today and if it's alright with everyone I'll take ur approach and enjoy all there is to enjoy while I have the ability to do so. As for those inconsiderate neighbors, I've never understood why folks can't pick up after their babies. I've always taken care of ours because I want them to be invited back to's kind of like kids, if we don't train them, no one wants to be around them. I always wanted folks to say, hey here comes Judie, Dick and those sweet kids.....not oh my goodness, here "they" come again. lol It's all in our perspective. Hopefully the week will pass quickly for u so u can get back to ur Heaven on earth.

martin said...

Hello again Brian. I wish you didn't write such rubbish about global warming, because mostly the rest of what you write is so entertaining, it would be a shame to miss it. And you make a lot of sense most of the time.
I think that I'll just carefully step around the piles of climate change denialism and enjoy the rest of your much more interesting and edifying output.