Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fine Rigs, Good Friends and Shining Times

This area may become known to us as Rendezvous park. ;)

It's had Judy and Cisco, my sister and brother-in-law, a couple of Jerry's and a Dan ;) There's been a cavalcade of folks visiting us here.

Yesterday afternoon my good friends Kerry from British Columbia with his Lady Terry and Darryl along with Lady Marion rolled into camp for an afternoon and evening of Shining Times.

They brought with 'em steaks, stuffed potatoes, corn on the cob, salad and a bottle of wine... All we had to provide was the desert!  Awesome! ;)

Kerry and Darryl and I have put our scooters in the wind together for a couple of thousand miles... and somewhere in the future, at least Darryl and I maintain the fuzzy ambition of another ride through the Yukon. ;) Kerry wants to be the housing operator on that long ride, hauling his RV for us to put up in at night! ;)

We had several hours of a great visit. Heidi's favorite part of the conversation was Marion mentioning that; "I don't get you guys... You guys DROP it, You FALL DOWN, You LOWSIDE... What's that about? Say what it is; YOU CRASH!" :) She's still giggling 'bout that one.

Well after dark we reluctantly bid them all good bye as they left our fire; Kerry and Terry to roll their truck back to Yuma, and Darryl and Marion on his wing riding to the Casino in Parker.

A fine end to a good day. We'd started out with a quick run into Quartzsite for what was supposed to be a hobby/craft fair/show... uh... that was nowhere to be found. Plenty of folks in the big tent selling knife sets, steam cleaners and assorted candy... No hobbies or crafts to be seen... There were how-some-ever, quite a few fine hot rods and juuuust a few lil' custom RV's.

How'd you like to pull into camp with one of these as your RV Toad or even your Tow vehicle? How fun would that be?

Then there was this lil' outfit. A "Tracker T"... a suzuki sidekick/chevy tracker is a rig I'd really like to find a way to add to our camp. A high MPG runabout would be a fine improvement for backroading and foul weather. The Raider is pretty iffy on gravel roads! ;)

Yup, that's a Tracker! ;) the guy took a Suzuki Tracker/Sidekick and remodeled it as a Model T.  Kinda fun don't you think?

Outside the Big Tent was the collection that grabbed our attention... a collection of customized Vintage Ford and Chevrolet trucks...

... all pulling equally Vintage and Custom Tear Drop Campers...

There were some sweet lil' rigs there and Oh Lordy... talk about stirring up an old scheming busters imagination! haha... That's a surprise ain't it?

This morning as I struggle to maintain enough patience to get posted in spite of the intermittent and weak signal Mark wrote about the other day an unexpected drizzle is falling on the roof. I'm hopeful it will move off so I can stay dry as I load up camp.

We'll likely be moving tomorrow or the next day to get on down to Tucson and prepare for the Gem and Mineral show.

Yeah, I stew on occasion over things that need stewin' over... Freedom ain't free... You have to WORK to protect it...

But still... the greatest majority of the time... Life is Good. Life is Damn Good.

We Rattle On

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