Friday, February 1, 2013

It's In The Wind...

Funny how the "answers" seem to come as if someone had 'em scheduled somehow. This mornings tunes were from the Forest Gump Soundtrack... one stuck out... "The answer my friends is blowin' in the wind... the answer is blowing in the wind..."

I wish today's music said a lil' more... and raged a lil' less... maybe me too! ;)

A friend wrote me yesterday. He's kind of a contrast to this lil' rooster both Physical and personality wise. While I'm this runty, bowlegged, loud, Biker Cowboy... he's a tall and wide "mountain" of a fella of Viking heritage, who is mostly a lot quieter. One of the "Gentle Ben" sorts you know?

He's the sort that LIVES life for all it holds, laughin' and grinnin' in the wind. He don't sweat the small stuff... Yeah, he's grinnin' in the wind while I'm workin' up a lather tormenting over every lil' syllable I hear some Napoleon wannabe spout and echo. 

Yesterday he said;

"I'll continue to move forward with my head in the sand and only worry about those things I can control. (He's a lot more pragmatic than me!) While my civil liberties continue to erode I choose to ignore those written words and maintain my civil rights as I see fit. I'll let them Think they've taken them away."

Get it? He'll ride Free. He'll breathe Free... He'll Live Free... and he'll BE FREE...and he'll let the damned Tyrant piss in the wind.

What he said to me, what he reminded me of is; The power that lives in Freedom. If you THINK Free... You Live Free.

Only if you obey the tyrant does the bugger win. Ignore the foul smellin' thief and he is often largely impotent. He's too fat and lazy to chase you far... so all you really need do is kinda stay out of sight and hang it in the Wind! HooYa!

We'll be breaking our boondocking camp here early this coming week. The gem and mineral show is in Tucson shortly, and we've got to meet some people there to do some business for Heidi's lil' store... or she does.

Me? I'm planning on rubbin' off some Yamaha tire rubber on some Southern Arizona asphalt.

Tentatively we're looking at utilizing the Pima Country Fairgrounds while we're doing the Gem and Mineral show... It's convenient and relatively cheap, if awful crowded for my likes. But, I can deal for a week of "working".

Anyhoo... I'm gonna follow a little of the advice of my Viking Gentle Ben buddy and Maintain my Freedom as I see fit!

Our spring NASCAR job comes up shortly after Tucson... and then... sometime we'll start off on this years circle.

I'm leaning toward a bit of a variation this year. Last season we tried to save some cash by mostly hanging in colorado through the summer... being that close to her grandkids... Heidi probably burnt more diesel running to Denver than if we'd driven to Whitehorse! ;) So screw conservation... We'll put it in the wind.

We'll return to making a wide circle and damn the fuel... but also... I'm leaning toward making a clockwise circle this year... cutting west or a bit north west before turning full north, rather than our usual run up through Utah/Colorado/Wyoming and Montana...

We've not rattled through Nevada in a long time... and Heidi still wants to go through that Sonoma country a bit... I want to roll the Raider along the PCH some more...

RV Boondocking and RV camp costs are more difficult along the coast... difficult but not impossible. I do know of at least one casino parking lot that works for an overnight ;) I'll just have to sharpen up my skills at finding a few more of those.

Then we'd come across Oregon? Washington? Idaho? to make our fall swing through the Rockies arriving back in the Valley of the sun... 5,000 miles or so later... just in time for NASCAR to inject a few dollars into our fuel tank.

Who knows... I was supposed to ride to Alaska again in June... That seems a stretch just now. It could happen if there was a sudden unexected restoration of gold flowing into our coffers... but... when it's all said and done...

... no matter what happens... You'll find us putting our Noses in the Wind, living life and soakin' up the Freedom that is ours. The Freedom that Nobody will Ever take from us. HooYa!

The answer my friends is blowing in the wind...

With My Nose to The Wind


gypsyelves said...

We are a full/part-timing couple, wondering how we find out about working for Nascar races? Do you have a suggestion who to contact? Thanks!

Cindy Kingma said...

Hey Brian....tsk tsk, isn't what your Viking friend told you exactly what I've often tried to tell ya, too??? LOL :)
I'm glad he was able to get thru to ya. You need to repeat that Serenity Prayer more often...its NOT about sticking your head in the sand...its about NOT getting an ulcer over the state of the world that is out there. Its about where YOU are in your heart and having a fine time being free!!
It sounds like a fine plan you have for your upcoming year.
Carry on!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it. The way I am begining to see things too. Hell with it, bring it on, we'll figure it out.
Roll safe.

Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Along the Columbia River in Washington State is nearly unlimited free boon docking. A lot more along the Snake River. Scattered all through Washington State EAST of the Cascades is free camping.