Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Digital Sawdust and Eraser Shavings are Piling Up Deep in this RV!

I've juuuuus 'bout wound that lil' rubberband that energizes my brain pan to the poppin' point! Some fellas just don't pay no attention atall to how much they is bitin' off at one time. Yes sir. the kaleidoscope in my head is in Hiiigh Gear!

I don't choose to just fire up a new laptop. Nah... I gotta go complicatin' that with the new and genuinely awkward windows 8 I was warned off of... and rightly so. Then throw in a new whole dang system I build the websites with, while trying to learn two parts of Adobe, elements and premier elements... at the same time!

All while sittin' in a frigid Arizona desert schemin' a restart of a couple of our old cottage industry enterprises...

While high twenties and low thirties ain't cold by northern standards... it's become cold enough for me to be feelin' frigid! Tween the cold and the brain strain... I'm 'bout done for the day!

Progress is happening though! While NOT burning gunpowder on ee-lek-trawniks, kickin' any dogs or chuckin' rocks at the neighbors. Maybe I'm finally maturing! ... riiiight... I'd not go bettin' on that scenario just yet. ;)

Yesterday I rebuilt the homepage to Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road. Today I fought my way a lil' further up the learning curve and converted the goin' RV Boondocking home page to the new system. Tonight... I'm crosseyed!

While takin' a break from tryin' to pull the knots out of all that technology... I looked out the window, boondocked out here in the desert. Plain and simple, there's a lot fewer rigs here than in past years... buuuut... there's still a few folks that flat entertain a personality like myself.

So... I look off across the desert and I see these two fellas steppin' around a short ways from their rigs, like they're in pursuit of some real enterprise. They walk a lil' bit and bend over... Walk a lil' bit and bend over... go back a ways... do it again... and the whole time they're maybe, 30 or 40 feet from each other...

Finally, I pulled out the camera and zoomed in close enough to see what they were up to... Aw lordy...

We're parked out here in a few thousand acres of sand and rocks... stop your rig and roll out the awning kind of set up... and they are... MEASURING OFF PARKING PLACES... for the few rigs of their buddies who are comin' to join 'em!

Like... Truly? You can't just pull up and say WHOA! This is good right here? Out in all this desert, eyeball good enough, ain't good enough? You need a Tape Measure? Seriously? :) These guys have GOT to be Engineers! :) Tickled my funny bone.

So, gigglin' along, I've also been scratchin' on paper, workin', out of necessity, at lining out how we can make do, as we have for the past few years, with the rig we have.

I've come up with a "plan" for movin' things around again, and building/rebuilding a few parts to allow us a decent space to work so we can diversify and hopefully supplement our income a lil' bit.

And... do it in a lot more short term time than a total rig replacement would take... (if that could even happen)

The things I'm workin' at designing up and figuring the arrangement of are;
1. A complete new Bed rebuild for the truck; Needed to allow the generator and compressor to be moved to the truck(from their current locations on the 5er), as well as adding function with built in Fuel, Fresh Water and Waste water tanks to make things a lil' more convenient. (This'll be the Biggest and toughest nut to crack of the whole deal)

But once it's done I could fairly quickly build the rest of the job right in camp with the tools I have on hand.

2. A "Tailbox" Outdoor kitchen on the fiver. I'll mount it back on the cargo deck I built last year. This'll clear one of the bed boxes on the truck of the grill and coleman stove for our camp cooking. And provide hardside enclosure of 'em for those "Bear Areas". Not exactly Bear Proof... but hell, the Fiver itself ain't that! and neither are the cars the rangers make folks lock their coolers in. Then Grizz yank the doors off of Subarus with regularity! ;)

3. One of those fiberglass roof pods to mount on the roof of the fiver to hold my "Bike Camp" gear between trips.This will clear the second truck bed box allowing that space to be occupied by...

4. ...Two "Camp Desks". One a Camp Writing Desk and the other a Camp Leather Working "desk". I figure to make some sort of a version drawing from these two setups I've found online.
 5. Very likely another "Roof Pod", this time to go on the cab of the truck to stow and transport our camp tables in an aerodynamic box that will also help kick the wind up over the fiver when we're on the road.

6. A hardware bin chest built into the forward compartment in the space now occupied by the compressor. This will be mostly the hardware, rivets, buckles and bits I use for building my pieces.

7. The new "Camp furniture" still require some sort of "Auxilliary" living space where we can work.
The only options we have there are to add either an Add-a-Room awning room, or a totally separate canvas workspace (which strikes me as the most flexible)

... something like one of these OUTWELL tents...

... or some variety of Elk Camp type wall tent like this'un from Montana Canvas that I've used in the past...

Put a propane heater in there, a power line from the battery bank for LED lights, and either'll provide lots of warm, dry workspace for a leather carvin' gypsy biker cowboy; as well as a nice spot to set up that Camp Desk to write on...

Oh Momma... Listen to the Hummin'! :)


Teri said...

Hi Brian, Have you heard about this RV TV show pilot?


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pilot. If you live in any type of home-on-wheels and love the open
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Teri said...
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Brian said...

hmmmmmm... a pussgut, Gypsy Cowboy Biker on TV? ... Lord have Mercy! There'd be no containin' that pikers ego! :)

Shadowmoss said...

Those tents seem kinda heavy. Then again, if you are concerned about working outside when it is cold, that might be necessary. However, with wheels on your home I'd consider more trying to stay in warm enough weather you don't need canvas tents.

I am a backpacker, so that probably colors my attitude. :)

Cindy Kingma said...

I'm liking your ideas alot about how to refit and refine a longer term camp idea. Makes a lot of sense where you're going with it.
It follows our train of thought, too. (We plan this kind of set up to expand our camp in our truck/camper situation for next year in the desert.)
You sure do have a great sense of humor, Brian. I got a kick out of your description of the 'measuring for parking' you saw them doing. LOL I'd be rolling my eyes and wondering the same as you; but I see the humor as well.
With all that you put on your 'to do' list...it sure is good to see it hasn't deserted you.

Brian said...

Shadow; They are a bit weighty, but to endure warm rain ;) and western wind long term while protecting the tools and work done inside they kinda need to be ;)

Cindy; canvas isn't a bad way for auxilliary space. It can be heated comfortable, doesn't require more tires... And... You're "closer" to the world around you, under canvas. Not a bad thing for somebody trying to do art type work.

BamaGurl said...

Love ur posts as always! Ur much better than me-it's gettin harder and harder to teach this ole dog new tricks. I started my blog and haven't added anything else because I can't figure out how to post the pics and use the livewriter.....there was a time when this would have simply been a challenge...now, well, let's just say that challenge doesn't begin to cover it. Zero patience these days.lol Hope it all works out like u want it to!!!

Brian said...

Bama Girl; A little insight.

Software designers are a lot like gypy cowboy bikers... They're WORDY and WINDY! ;)

They gotta make things sound a lot more complicated... and sometimes BE a lot more complicated than they need to be!

Try seeing through the "Wind" and pencil out (write 'em down) the mechanical steps a, b, c, d, etc. to do the task...

Like go here... push THIS button... then THIS button... etc. Have the "Process" written down simple and plain like that instead of all the Jargon the geeks use...

It might help. ;)

Don M said...

I love reading your schemes for your rig. I've mentioned before, you and I think a lot alike. It's funny, when I think of something like your plan for all the boxes and rooftop deals and such, it makes perfect sense. When I read your thoughts on something like that, it sounds like ten pounds of horse doots in a five pound bag, lol!

Have you ever looked into converting a semi tractor into your tow vehicle? You sure would gain a lot of the hauling/carrying capacity you need. Here is a forum where they discuss same.