Monday, January 14, 2013

Dang... Is There a Fire in Quartzsite?

Nah... the smoke is just me... schemin' again!

Ha Ha... the more things change the more they stay the same.

Yesterday's post stirred a couple of responses from readers that helped me knock some of the wobble out of my git along. ;)

When you can't afford new and improved... you go with Old and reworked! :)

Who said; "this rig just don't lend itself to providing the work space we're gonna require to do a true and proper job"??

Oh... that was me huh? :) Well... on occasion I've been known to get wired up and be found jumpin' off the cliff  'fore I was certain sure there was water in the crick!

The thing is... Out of the Box and Unconventional and Unorthodox thinking has to be just that. If you spend all your time Only working and thinking in the approved manner and with the accepted wisdoms... innovation ain't about to happen.

So... I spent a lil' while yesterday and this morning, perusing some of my old pages as I'm relearning computer bits and pieces in preparation for THAT rebuilding job... and warming up my scheming genes to come up with something new for THIS rig; Since it's what we have and will for the foreseeable future.

Some reminding words from Mr. Peters (on of my long term readers here) kept rattlin' around in my head about things he's seen... and told me of before! ;)

Well... the upstart is... with a lil' whacked out imagination... a mite of cowboy ingenuity and some boondockers alchemy... I do believe I CAN whittle on this Ol' Rig to carve out a workable Bead and Leather Studio for us... and... do it in the more short term... rather than some long lost day in the future.

It wouldn't set up in a Wal Mart Parking lot... but in any of our long camps it should be a pretty comfortable arrangement. more on that in the coming days as I work on the idea...

Progress is coming on multiple trails... I'm slowly getting my head around the new technology that my internet provider has imposed on me. Unlike MS... Sitesell/Sitebuilder has built a very good new software for building our websites... The only downside is, it requires dusty old brains to shake off the cobwebs and get to work. ;)

I'm slowly finding my way through the ambiguous maze MS created to put the tools that DO work to work... I'm consuming lots of paper sketching up an unorthodox boondocking cowboy alchemy Art Studio to load onto the 5er... to help keep us fed and I'm stringin' words on the fourth novel...

hmmmm... likely... if I wasn't also a schizo Biker Cowboy... and was possessed of the ability to concentrate on one thing for more than 12 minutes... I'd get more done!

Reworking to circle back to my roots

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Patricia C. O'Neill said...

I am looking forward reading what you come up with. I do have the same problem to solve... I am making jewelry.

I wish I could fit a workbench in the rig, and I could, but there are issues with products, smell, noises...
Right now, I have a studio in my house but we plan to let go of the house within the next few months.
My thinking is to make inside the assembling stuff that involves only my hands and a few pliers. The rest will be done outside. Maybe I'll had walls to my awning.
I know there might be weather issues, but with a little organization I think it's doable.