Thursday, January 24, 2013

My! Don't I Feel Better!

It's nice to be able to say that! After the better part of a week of squirming and moaning... I believe I'll live. Heidi is running  day or so ahead in her recuperation. Whew. I'll tell you what... if you see somebody coughing in a parking lot turn around and find another route to where you were goin'!

A neighbor catches this crap? Close your windows. Smile through the glass and wave as you leave! This is a nasty bit of crud, for sure and for certain! Do what you gotta do to not get it. I came edge teetering close to it fallin' off into pneumonia with that bubbling in my lungs baloney... but managed to dance around it I believe.

The real difficulty I've got with it will be a lil' more long term. For me, anything that renders me immobile for a few days, that starts breaking down muscle condition, cripples me up pretty good. The bones in my spine are really just lumps of calcium held in a roughly vertical position by whatever muscle a cranky old mountain windbag like me retains.

The problem for me comes in with the fact that when bedridden you lose approaching 3% of muscle tone, if not mass a day. So... in the time of a week; that opens up a fairly sizable hole in the fairly rickety assembly I began with!

Yeah, the next couple weeks will be a gimpy bit of walking replacing that thin bit of muscle tone... So I can return to that normal Mr. America Bod all the ladies adore so!

There's a second affliction that jumps up in the way as well. I think I've shared it with you some in the past. It's a neurological syndrome well documented across the west; commonly referred to as CADD; Cowboy Attention Diversion Disorder.

It's a multifaceted affliction with no known cure and few treatments of reliable efficacy.

The disorder is diagnosed in an individual of the cowboy persuasion when (3) three distinct brain pan abnormalities are identified to be occurring at the same time. While it is not a fourth abnormality or a required observation; it is very common for caregivers to hear, and lends strength to their diagnoses; when a certain phrase is softly muttered by a glassy eyed schemer as he sips his cup of morning joe, trying to conjure a way to get a ten ton rig up a trail built for the width of a Javalina; If I Only...
  1. The subject displays a hyper active rate of acquisition of all the material possibilities presented by any given situation. Since situations are generally fluid, the acquisitions tend to cascade like a kaleidoscope in a continuous flow of flashing lights and colors through his conscious thoughts.
  2. Actions to employ any of the flow of real and exciting possibilities are stymied by anemic financial assets obstructing the real time engagement of interesting alternatives. Which produces and agitating frustration.
  3. Syndrome acceleration. That obstruction of engagement and the resulting agitating frustration combine and have their energies redirected toward the first component of the syndrome, resulting in a geometric acceleration of the cascade, obviously aggravating the severity of the afflicted subjects disorder.
Uh huh... layin' about, too sick to sleep, to queasy to sit up or even hold your eyes open to play ee-lek-tronic solitaire... and a mind afflicted with any of the hyper active syndromes is like turning an 18 year old kid loose in Vegas... There's BOUND to be trouble!

So now I'm fighting through the pile of ideas stacked up in my head the past week like the crumpled sheets of paper laying on the floor around the typewriter based word whittler of old.

Yup... pretty much getting back to normal around this asylum.

Have to move today. Good thing I mended sufficiently in time! Our 14 day limit has run its course... so we're bumping over to one of our favored camps around Bouse somewhere.

On the Mend

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Cindy Kingma said...

Yay for feeling well again!
As for the rest....I shall just say OK, uh huh, and "I don't get it"....LOL