Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Time... We'll Be Rolling for the Desert in a Few Hours

The weather is bright, shiny and cold. My bones are aching about like I'd expect if I told a Hells Angel he was cute!

The old truck is sitting in the street mostly loaded and cold himself. He's ready to head back to warmer country as well.

We'll take the southern route this time. Down past Walsenburg, and Sante Fe. Rumble past the Duke City and Gallup. Then I'll have to decide do I run on to Flagg or cut across the state and drop over the Mogollon Rim west of Heber.

Gonna be rolling down roads and through country I've traveled a few hundred times. I can't truly say I get weary of it. It's not like I'm giggling and goofy goin' down the road... It's more that I'm restless and grinchy when I'm not.

On the road, my nose in the wind... the horizon receding before me... I am at home.

It's like a thirst. You can't drink but one time and cure it. It's a chronic ailment that requires repeated doses.

Some NEED to walk out in their garden and pull weeds, nurture flowers, produce zucchini... others, their shops. They have a visceral NEED to walk into that world of sawdust and whining blades and see a few chunks of lumber transformed into a a chest of drawers.

I get that. 100% I understand and GET IT.

I urge everyone to follow their hearts and fulfill their NEEDS. Hell, that's exactly what Life and LIVING are all about.

Chasing your dreams, your ambitions, your hungers... satisfying the NEEDS in your soul.

My NEED is for open country, a receding horizon and the Freedom to chase it. The hunger I feed is a restless urge to roam. Not to get anywhere... Not to see some particular place... not to arrive at some destination... but simply to Be, to see, and... to BE... moving.

There's more to it than the simple, self serving gypsy living I treasure... It's Traveling.

Wandering, drifting, yondering, whatever name you want to hang on it... seeing different people in different places... wandering through the remnants of their struggles to survive... tasting a sliver of what their life is or was... is the only antidote I know of for the division, racism, prejudice and bigotry fostered by the powers that be... deliberately inflicted on us to divide us and keep us weak and distracted.

Republidud, Demothug, Libernut, Tea Farters... all of 'em... If they're Politician...they're about division. Their power and position lays in commanding their lil' piece of the populace... despicable dogs... every one of 'em.

Their goal is to keep us so busy fighting each other over their phony, fabricated conflicts... that we can't combine with enough power to challenge their "Rule".

I emphasize Rule and not Governance; a great difference.

I believe 100% that there is a small thing that can combat the infection of their divisive ways. That small thing is Travel. It is an act that when done properly; it purifies the soul. You want to change the world? You want to try and do that peacefully?

Ok fine. Do yourself and the world a favor... Travel. It deafens you to the lies and bull feces of politicians.

Goin' Down the Road


Box Canyon said...

"A nation divided cannot stand." Ominous... because America(n)s could not be more "divided" than they are at this moment in time.

A sweet post, CowBoy.
Box Canyon Mark

bill said...

Safe travels, Brian.

===Fred=== said...

In yesterday's comments "But all those with enough power to stop them were gone" I'd like to add-- We, the common man, are still here with you! WE THE PEOPLE could do it!