Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Will Be an Interesting Year of Reality Checks

I have come to believe that venting my "political" frustrations is unlikely to ever produce anything positive. Few listen and most don't want to hear it. It's the old; "If I ignore it... it'll go away" train of thought. Luck with that.

Yeah I know... I KNOW! "Stop being such a downer Cowboy! People want to live in the "Don't Worry ~ Be Happy!" land of Fantasy. Stop raining on their parade."

I don't see myself as being a downer. No more than the weatherman when he says it's gonna rain when you figured to have a pic nic. I ain't telling you to stay home. I only offer the advice to take along a rain coat. Savvy?

People want the horse that never bucks, toast that don't burn, tires that never go flat and the jobs you can't be fired from; Health without end, police that aren't bullies, and security without the cost of personal effort. They want it all, they want it now, and increasingly... They want Freedom... as long as everyone is required to abide by and live within the parameters of their narrow definition of Freedom... and as always, they want the bill for it all ~ Sent to someone else!

As many have said; This country has never been more divided and fractured.

Fred said in a comment "WE THE PEOPLE could do it!" Yes sir, we could; but... the problem remains. To "Do It" ... would require The People to return Voluntarily and of their own accord, to living by a philosophy of Honor and Individual responsibility and accepting of the consequences of that decision.

The difficulty that obstructs that return from occurring is that submission is like a drug.

Once infected with the disease of socialism and costless "entitlement"; once a person has abrogated responsibility for their own welfare and future to the Rulers vague promise of security, sometime in the foggy future; it is a rare thing to see a person step back into being a sovereign Individual. They prefer the land of fantasy, to the hard and stormy reality of Freedom.

Yes ~ We The People could do it ~ but I'm not holding my breath.

The system is imploding. There is nothing I or anyone else can do to change that. Too many people have signed on to the something-for-nothing perverse philosophy of socialism; as well as the deliberately false, never to be realized, promises of security in exchange for The Reality of your liberty.

Those who place the value of their Freedom above Life itself have now been relegated to an anachronistic minority to be ridiculed and marginalized.

The gift of Jefferson, Henry, Franklin and the several hundred thousand Soldiers KIA, and many millions more that suffered and survived... that gave us this place to live in Liberty... has now been surrendered to cowardice and greed. It is now laying in critical condition with a terminal illness... Its end is in sight.

... the illness of complacency, cowardice and "me first" socialism; is and always has been an incurable affliction; with few survivors among those who adopt its cancerous philosophy.

So? What do we do? You rip on things Brian... What's the alternative? What is your solution? What is your answer?

Me? I will, with a sure and certain knowledge of the realities of this world and with the Boss as my ONLY sovereign; Walk in the sun, and ride in the wind... I will pursue the horizon and stand in rain. I will laugh through the tears. I will taste every drop of this life that I can. Cowardly Socialists be damned.

As long as one man refuses to bow to the beast... Liberty survives. They can seize my property. They can take my life... I will Never surrender my Freedom.

I will LIVE until I die.

I hope I will not live Free... alone.

That is my answer.


Anonymous said...

Right you are, but you are preachin to the choir. Folks want to believe the numbers are wrong, and the coming implosion is just like Y2K, or the myan calander, but it's not. Numbers don't lie, but politicians sure don't want to talk about them. They just put them off for 60 more days.

Anonymous said...

You might as well LIVE Brian, this country has been put on auto-pilot! (Auto-pen) Google auto pen my friends and see what is all about! ;( BiLL

Paul said...

We have a choice in this country. Do we want to continue on the path you and others call "socialism", or do we want to return to the days of the Old South where a few people got rich from the labor of many by means that is called "slavery".

Brian said...

Hmmmm... A choice? One small thing. I have been given the choice. Live as I am told to. Do business with who govie dictates... Or pay a steep fine. And you are correct in a way. Continue on the dictated path is socialism. And Socialism IS slavery.

But as I wrote. Not me. This ol' boy ain't playin' that game. I have a few tricks left in my poke. I will not participate where it is not a voluntary choice. No Sir. I will never surrender my Liberty.

And by the way. Tarring the south with that "slavery" brush is rather dis-ingenuos. The North held far more slaves, Irish, Chinese and eastern European - enslaved - in "company towns" and coal mines for generations after the civil war. They were more careful though. They concealed the slavery behind company script and economic laws.

Kinda like Obama care! Use "our" system or pay a fine... Resist strong enough... Go to jail.

But... Like I wrote, not me.

Also, to say our only choices are slavery to the bossman or slavery to soft gentle govie, why, that's really fairly insulting to a man who's hauled his own freight his whole life, and will till the day he dies.

If however, it toots your whistle, sign on. I'm sure they'll be proud to own one more indentured servant. And that like you say, is Your choice.

You will own your consequences. I will own mine.

Don said...

Brian, I grapple with this all the time. I feel the same way you do about the direction of the country. Deep down I feel it is a lost cause, and it is the natural progression of things. Every dog has his day and all that.

We are an empire, we are at war constantly. War is the biggest government program, and it requires a big coercive government. It leads to loss of liberty, money, blood, friends, and morality. Yet we just shrug it off as some sort of cost of doing business. Yes, we are heading down the wrong road and are out of control.

Anyway, I'm ranting and need to circle back to what I started to say. I grapple with how to go ahead and just live my life in some sort of positive, hopeful fashion, despite feeling that we are screwed. About the only thing I ever come up with is the knowledge that we can always (hopefully!) move somewhere else, just like our ancestors did a few generations ago.

If you ever find out the secret to living with this, let me know!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Brian. Most days I try not to think about it. It scares the hell out of me. I will get to a point where I won't be pushed any further eventually. I hope I don't stand alone.

pondputz said...

I agree Brian.

Many people are waking up, in large numbers, just look at the increase in gun sales (up 1000%)and record numbers of attendees at gun shows.
In Colorado background checks take 9 days (during normal times it took 15 minutes)

I believe the elite powers know many are becoming aware, that is why so much is being accelerated since the election.

Boondocking is one way to starve the matrix....

I have hit the point where I will not participate anymore.
Gov't has made me move our business 3 times, been audited twice, each time I was found innocent. Pretty much was harassment, because they could.


Don said...

Wondering if any of you have any experience in or thoughts of living in Mexico. I read a few blogs of people snowbirding down there, plus one or two who stay there year round. One thing they all seem to say is that the government leaves people alone. In all the practical ways that matter on the ground, they feel much freer in Mexico than the US.

They also say that the crime reports we hear can be compared to what you hear about the wrong neighborhoods in Chicago, LA, etc.

Brian said...

Cheap guy; Yeah, and the choir general sings better'n I do! ;) but... there's a few new folks come by. I plant a seed and eventually move on. Some of 'em grow. :)

Pondputz; "starving the matrix" ... 'zactly. If we live our lives and don't feed the bears... they eventually get hungry, go back to work and quit coming around the camp looking for freebies! :)

Don; I expect that many of the stories coming out of Mexico are inflated and sensationalized. While it is still a low level civil war down there, The casualties on a per capita basis exceed Afganistan...

As for moving to some new place as our ancestors did; With 7+billion people, I don't know of any "new" places left to move to.

I don't believe "Place" is the answer anyhoo...rather How a person thinks and behaves. I think we've gone past the changing locales to fix things and must rework our own lives to fix the problems.

But... that's just my opinion. ;)

Bill; Living is EXACTLY what I intend to do! :)

Anonymous; Ya'll ain't alone dude. Thing is, most of the folks who stand with you are unlike me. They stay pretty quiet! :)

martin said...

Interesting as usual, Brian.
There have been clear signs that the collapse is coming, and is just around the corner. Trouble is that signs of imminent collapse have been there for many years (decades), and somehow it never quite happens. Some things get worse, some improve, some people are better off, some (possibly most) are worse off.

Although I think that you are probably wrong in predicting that anything special will happen in 2013, you might be right. And you are obviously well-prepared, whether it happens or not, so good luck to you!

At least the Moscow Times agrees with you!

Brian said...

Martin; what is collapse? Am I seeing a TEOTWAWKI, Kevin Costner "The Postman", Armageddon like explosion? Nah, not yet. (though humanity has seen those events repeatedly throughout its history... largely because people refuse to Learn from history)

There are huge social/political issues on the calendar for 2013 in the U.S. These issues have created a society divided far deeper than the one that descended into the civil war that saw the highest sustained casualty rate in human history. So is there a danger? You bet.

What I am witnessing is the death of the "Great Experiment" the forefathers of the U.S. initiated.

As they warned, once the populace realizes they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury, the death of that system follows on shortly thereafter... and with it the death of Freedom and Liberty. Pretty much a mathematical certainty.

But... there are a few unpredictable variations to the scenario.

While there are a few of us, maybe 3-5%, who will never surrender to the growing tyranny; the weight of the remainder will pretty much force the issue.

Curiously though, it was only 3-5% of the population that fought with those forefathers to achieve the beginning of our "Great Experiment"... The rest, as is human nature, sat on the fence waiting to see who their next "Leaders" would be.

so in the end, I still retain the the knowledge that the possibility for a Sunrise remains, as long as one free man refuses to bow to tyranny.

Either way, I believe we are on the cusp of an epoch... or whatever the proper word is for the end of an era. It's going to be an interesting and very "bumpy" ride.

Anonymous said...

Good words, and finding them on your boondocking blog gave me an insight today. Thanks. Reminds me that the investment i have made into my boondocking affairs are steep and have been a struggle to contniue to meet, that one day they may be the only ticket left to freedom. Thanks!!!!

Vicki said...

There's a growing number right there beside you Brian! Let's just hope it by leaps and bounds before it's too late.